My Older Builds that are no longer on

This was my 1st build that used to be on AW but was deleted by me and rebuilt as a glass building that you may have seen on my AW page. I claimed first land before July 18, 1999 but the old grass walk h were all deleted so I don't have the date(s) from that 1st build. I have been building off & on in AW since July 1999 and I keep updating things when I can.
The order of the worlds I built on is:
AW (July 1999),
Mars (July 18, 1999),
COFMeta (July 18, 1999),
Atlantis (July 19, 1999),
ABC (July 29, 1999),
Colony (Aug. 10, 1999),
Winter (Aug. 14, 1999),
Yellow was in there somewhere but my original land was deleted and I claimed a new area.
After Winter I built on WildAW (Aug. 14, 2000),
Yellow (Oct. 23, 2015),
Pollen (April 7, 2016),
America (April 17, 2016),
WildAW again in 2nd area (May 5, 2016),
Mars again - expanded my area (June 2016),
There (Sept. 29, 2016)
I also had my own worlds off & on during the times I was building in the public building worlds.



Another Old Build

World Name: Silver (this was not my build but I liked the world
Car lot I built on a world called zzuke when it was online.