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Where should I start?

I guess I could do something like a resume -- maybe later!

Name: Mark Smith (yes that is my real name) there are so many people with that name, I don't think it's really going to matter much if I post it here.
DOB: March 1965 (50 years old in 2015)
Born in: Detroit, MI - now living in CA
Height: 6'
Hair: Brown
Eyes: Blue [bloodshot]
Marital Status: Divorced

I like driving, any vehicle, had motorcycle & bigrig licenses for a while.
I like to go to the lake or mountains when I can afford it.
I like rock music and country music.
I like to watch movies, when my DVD or VCR are working.
I really like to be on the internet, doing all kinds of different things.

There are some things I just can't put in this web site, it is supposed to be for all ages, although there are some links that go to sites outside of mine where people could run into rude/vulgar people (in the chat sites). Some of the sites are supposed to be family oriented but they can not control what people are typing in. My opinion on the rating of a site would take forever to explain, and I feel that parents are responsible for what their children do while the child is online. Yes I know parents can't be right there looking over their childs shoulder every second.





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