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Some car pictures and info from the MotorCity Online game.
I was Hyper Lion in MotorCity Online - on 3 servers, listed below.

Mid = Midtown
Up = Uptown
x-roads = Crossroads

Click on server name above to go to the list of cars I had for that server.
Year - Make - Model Top Type
Chopped Top
Paint Type

Click on picture to see the bigger one.

Liquid Lew, DragonMan, Hyper Lion & GatorEng sitting at the Chicken Bucket.
Picture from Aug. 28th, 2003 - the day before MCO was shut down.

Be sure to scroll down for more screen shots.

Below are screen shots showing that I had Level 79 with over 31 million in cash & that I had 100 cars at one time on the x-roads server at Level 68