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Chewing gum (sugarless) is recommended to stimulate the production of saliva that will wash away bacteria and other food particles. Refrain from drinking coffee, alcohol and soft drinks. Using fairly new toothbrush and other dental care products to ensure effective oral care. Replace your tooth brush every 3 to 4 months.
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The onset of these diseases is triggered by the foods you eat, liquid you drink or anything you put in your mouth that can potentially cause bad breath like tobacco products. Bad breath also happens when you miss cleaning your teeth before you go to bed or simply, do not clean your teeth and tongue as you should.
Bye Bye, Bad Dog Breath —
There are 4 major causes of bad breath in children: xerostomia, periodontal diseases, nasal infection, and poor oral hygiene. 1. Xerostomia (dry mouth). Dry mouth breeds bacteria. Bacteria break down sugar and protein to produce byproducts called VSCs or volatile sulphur compounds. VSCs cause bad breath.
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If you can make your gums and teeth stronger while maintaining a clean and healthy mouth, you are likely to get around from the possibilities of developing bad breath or halitosis. Thus, it is only vital that these are regularly practiced. Why the emphasis on cleaning the teeth and the gums while there are other sources which claim that this practice would only aggravate bad breath?
Bye Bye, Bad Dog Breath —
It may be due particularly to the addition of eucalyptol and thymol in commercial products. Both are volatile oils that are capable of inhibiting the growth of the active anaerobic bacteria that produce the smell due to the sulfur compounds they manufacture. In line with this, other volatile oils are incorporated into dental products nowadays to create similar effects.
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Sweets that contain sugar and dairy products that contain protein, which by the way are two of the most popular types of foods your child want to eat, are broken down by bacteria residing inside their mouth, which produce VSCs. Simply put, bad breath occurs when food particles remain inside your child's mouth.
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But the good thing about this is that it can be cured naturally. How to do it? Learn these easy to follow tips: 1. Brush your teeth. Tooth brushing important to keep your teeth clean by removing food particles from your previous meal. The doctors recommend that your brush your teeth for at least 2 times a day.
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However, thus must be an integral part of any oral hygiene practice this would largely determine the presence of absence of bad breath. Again, oral bacteria are the culprit in here. Those that survive in the surface of the tongue along with the food debris that are left exposed on eth surface would contribute to the formulation of bad breathe.
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Another method you can use is by checking the material that comes with the dental floss. If the material produces a brownish color, you are almost sure of having bad breath yet if the color is not too obvious, you can try smelling the gathering after quite a few seconds. So much for the alternative methods of checking for bad breath, we now move on to some of the natural remedies that you could use in curing this condition.
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Baking soda and water. A mixture of baking soda and water is an effective mouthwash that will remove bad breath. Baking soda and salt. A mixture of these 2 can be used as toothpaste. Put the mixture to your toothbrush and brush your teeth like you normally do. Baking soda alone will work fine too. A pinch of baking soda, a pinch of salt, one part water, and one part hydrogen peroxide.
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So make sure you go to the dentist and have them all removed/fixed/treated. 8. Turn down coffee and soda. Both contribute to bad breath. Switch to tea. 9. Chew sugar-free gums. Your aim is to induce more saliva flow to your mouth to keep it moist so that bacteria are washed away. And chewing sugar-free gums is an effective way to do it.
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Often, cavities provide a venue for food particles to reside in the teeth that would further cause bad breath. 3. Nasal infection. This happens when a foreign object is stuck and infects in your child's nose. This creates discharge that is often odorous. 4. Poor oral hygiene practice. Children love to eat but hate to clean their teeth.
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Nasal infection or colds can force someone to breathe through his mouth which quickly dries the mouth and cause bacteria to breed. Internal organ failures can manifest themselves through bad breath. Thus halitosis can be a sign of serious health problem. How bad breath is treated? Since most of the time bad breath or halitosis starts from the mouth, it is treated through the mouth.
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And you think this hampers you from being confident with your social affairs? Well, first things first- check if you truly have bad breath. This is vital since many of us are unaware that our breath is becoming awful. This is basically because our body tends to become accustomed to its natural odors that it could ignore the background smells, such as bad breath.
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Stopping bad breath that is caused by poor oral hygiene is easy. Brush your teeth every meal, use dental floss at least once a day, use oral antiseptic that does not dry your mouth, and have your dentures checked by your dentist. These things will ensure that your teeth stay healthy, clean, and properly maintained to stop bad breath.
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First, if you lick your hand, the only portion of the tongue that will be used is the anterior portion. Since bacteria that cause bad breath reside at the back of the tongue, you can still not tell if you have bad breath or not. Second, the air you breathe is not similar with the air you release when you talk.
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Such disease include kidney failure, lung liver failure, lung infection, gastroesophageal reflux disease and hiatal hernia, Smoking tobacco products, eating certain foods such as onion and garlic, drinking soda and coffee, and using mouthwash with too much alcohol content can cause bad breath as well.
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Buy good dental floss and oral antiseptic with American Dental Association approval. Mouthwash alone will not remove bad breath Some mouthwash products act like chewing gum that only masks bad breath and replace it with a new and pleasant one. However, mouthwash will help kill germs and bacteria that cause bad breath.
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of aloe vera juice to 24 ounces of water and gurgle it in your mouth. Cloves, cinnamon, myrrh, rosemary, basil, thyme, and mint leaves are chewed to cure bad breath. 7. Drink plenty of water. Another natural cure for bad breath is drinking plenty of water. Bad breath is caused by anaerobic bacteria that break down sugar and protein into VSCs or volatile sulphur compounds.
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Some good examples are acidity due to certain medical conditions and certain chemical reactions of the body towards medications. Some of the medical conditions, on the other hand, are liver cirrhosis, green discharges and stored mucus in at the back of the throat and tongue and in the nose and kidney problems.
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However, recently dentists are recommending electric toothbrushes exclusively for those who have problems with dexterity. Cultures in many parts of the world have also learned to use and continue using naturally-occurring mouth cleaners. In the Muslim nations, the miswak is a popular tool from twigs and roots that are known to have antiseptic properties.
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For adult, dried mouth is often caused by poor saliva production and using mouthwash that contains too much alcohol. Nasal, throat, and mouth infection cause halitosis as well. These include canker sores, upper respiratory infections, bronchitis, mononucleosis, tonsillitis, strep throat, nasal discharge, and sinusitis.
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Aside from brushing your teeth and using homemade toothpaste, use dental floss at least once a day. This ensures that the food particles hidden in between your teeth are removed. Food particles when left out inside your mouth can breed bacteria that breakdown sugar and protein and produces volatile sulphur compounds (VSCs) which cause bad breath.
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If you have tried several commercially available anti-bad breath products and still have not succeeded in stopping that rotten egg smell coming out of your mouth, then here is the article for you. This will explain why there are no changes in your breath even if you are fighting hard to eliminate bad breath.