Collecting for Bonsai: Dogwood 2016 - Larry's Place 2

Some species of trees have delicate branches, making them unsuitable for wiring. Other trees do not handle the use of deadwood well, developing fatal cases of rot when this technique is used on them. Learn about bonsai care before you use any technique on a tree, as this will prevent a costly mistake killing your prized plant. 

These tools are vital to encourage the good health of your tree, and should be used as frequently as needed to prune any dead or dying branches, care for the roots, and maintain the soil for your tree. For the novice, selecting which tools you need can be difficult. There are many basic bonsai tools used to care for a tree, and these are typically sold as beginner sets. 

This is because the trees grow in drastically different conditions, and require different amounts of water, light and general treatment. Learning about your specific type of tree will greatly assist you in growing bonsai. Once you have learned about your tree, growing bonsai is pretty simple. There are several things you should remember in addition to properly watering and feeding your tree. 

Most bonsai trees will be grown in pots with drainage holes that permit excess moisture from pooling inside the pot and causing root rot. Many growers will use mesh over these holes to prevent pests from entering the pot from the bottom and keep loose soil in the pot. If you are interested in growing bonsai trees, you should ensure that you live in a good region for the types of trees you want to grow, or you focus on purchasing an indoor variety of bonsai. 

There are many different types of bonsai trees available on the market, including both conifers and non-conifer trees. When you are selecting which bonsai to grow, you should take care to study the grow zone you live in and pick a tree suitable for that zone. This is important as bonsai trees are designed to be grown and nurtured outdoors. 

Also, some species of bamboo will not take root as well from cuttings as others. Bamboo bonsai uses many of the techniques for care that more difficult bonsai trees use. You will need the same types of tools to maintain them, and you can use the same style of wire to help guide the trunk and branches of the bamboo.