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 Cybertown, or CT for short, is a virtual online community where people can chat in 2d or 3d and ...

  • have an avatar to represent you in 3d
  • have a house (2d & 3d) with virtual pet or bot
  • buy objects
  • sell objects
  • make & upload 3d objects including art/pictures
  • have up to five clubs (more buildings to put things in or just chat in or hold meetings)
  • have a job (to earn more cybercash, or cc for short, and gain more experience points)
    If I remember right the cybercash and experience points per day is: 336 cc & 21 exp. points.
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 CT uses Blaxxun Contact for 3d and Java chat for 2d. CT features "shared-state" environments where your actions with objects will be seen simultaneously by people in the same environment or 3d place.

About BusyLion

Citizen Nickname: BusyLion
Date Joined or Immigrated: May 7, 2000
Job Titles: Water Park Chief as of Aug. 3, 2008, Club Owner of 5 clubs & Club Assistant
Honorary Title: Sage - awarded July 2007   (42,000 exp. points and at least 7 years valuable contribution with completely clean record)
Activities: I am an item creator & an item collector (I collect vehicles mostly) & I hang out at the Flea Market most of the time.

General Background Info:
I was told about Cybertown in May 2000 by someone I met online who went by the name atic (or mack1 in some places) and since it was free, I joined right away. I used my main nickname of BusyLion when I made my first Cybertown name;
but I also made some other names and I still have the HairyLion name there.
I learned fairly fast that objects were hard to get at first and so was the cybercash to buy the objects with. And if you didn't create items or buy alot and resell for more, then you wouldn't be able to afford items you wanted, if you wanted more items that is ...
and I did.
Some people give away objects and cc!

At first I just bought items that I liked and then started reselling some and got into the vehicles right away, there are some very nice vehicles there. Then about 5 months after joining I starting creating some wrl thing and uploaded 2 picture items in October 2000 (see Objects by BusyLion).
I have become a more outgoing person and a more creative person from being in Cybertown. I've also learned alot about selling and other things. The people are what makes the site so good, not just the objects or the other things that can be done.

Halloween 2007 page with screenshots!

More about BusyLion


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