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Some important dates

May.  7, 2000:   Immigrated to Cybertown.
Jan. 21, 2001:   Was offline for about 8 months.
Sept.__, 2001:   Got computer from a Rent-a-Center and got back online.
Oct. 14, 2001:   [2089 CT Date] Got cybercarnie to start "Lion King" block in Cybertown.
Aug. 30, 2003:   was offline for about 3 months.
Mar. 27, 2004:   won 1 million cc in Sci Fi Bingo.
July 29, 2004:   Hired by Sweet_Barb as block leader of Aurora Borealis block in Hi-Tek/Wonders.
July 31, 2004:   Awarded Wizard title.
Sept. 4, 2004:   Promoted to Neighborhood Deputy of Wonders in Hi-Tek Colony.
Jan. 29, 2005:   Awarded VirtMaster title.
Feb.  7, 2004   Sweet_Barb resigned as NL of Wonders Hood & Poohbear1956 is now NL.
May 17, 2005:   Poohbear1956 promoted me to SND of Wonders Hood.
July 20, 2005:   Promoted to Neighborhood Leader of Wonders in Hi-Tek after Poohbear resigned.
July 24, 2005:   Awarded Knight Virtual title for 5 years in Cybertown!
Aug.  1, 2005:   Awarded COTM (colonist of the Month) in Hi-Tek!
Aug. 17, 2005:   Started application process to be a Cybertown Jail Guard, got started on training about the end of August. -NOTE: Never finished CT Jail Guard Training, had to quit because I felt I didn't have the time to put into it.
Dec.   2005:   Started pages for Spirit of Cybertown Contest
Jan.   2006:   Won first place in Spirit of Cybertown Website contest! Wheeee!
May   2006:   I resigned as NL of Wonders Hood - because I felt I didn't have the time to put into it, alot going on in RL.

Jan. 15, 2007:   I moved to E-Commerce block in Hi-Tek/Commerce neighborhood.

March 15, 2007:   Hired by y_l as Fun Park Deputy

July 15, 2007:   Received Sage title!

July 31, 2007:   I finally made enough donations to the cybertown bank to be in #1 spot on benefactor page
                      - 125 million cc donated!
I was not #1 for very long - someone else has donated 154,000,000 cc - WTG armani_1
Aug. 31, 2007:   I was hired as NL of Hi-Tek/Commerce   :-)
Nov. 23, 2007:   Promoted to Command CD over 4 Hoods in Hi-Tek
Dec.     2007:   Resigned all jobs
Aug.  3, 2008:   Hired as Water Park Chief
Jan.  -, 2009:   Resigned Water Park Chief job.

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