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I will keep updating info as I can.

From the Cybertown Daily News Page:
Although there are new versions of Blaxxun's Contact out, if you're running Win98,
the ideal version for use in 3D Cybertown is still version 4.4 (if you're using Internet
Explorer as your browser, IE 5.5 is recommended for use with Contact 4.4)
If you use WinXP and IE 6, you may experience problems with Contact 4.4.
For that operating system and browser we recommend Contact version 5.1
download 4.4!
download 5.1!
download 6.1!
If you're changing from one version to another, be sure to completely un-install Contact first!
If you need help with that, feel free to contact for instructions.

go to options/internet options/security
click trusted sites
then click the button that says sites
uncheck "require server verification" box near bottom
type in & &

pass firewall using direct TCP connection

update   If you are having problems with item properties, topic books and similar things then
please get this fix that The_Tech made [hosted here on my site]  FIX   unzip this file to a place on your computer where you will remember [file name will be item.reg] and go to run and type in the addy to it i.e. -- c:\my folder\item.reg and then click ok or whatever the popup thing says to add file to your computer registry.

More links for info & help:
Cybertown FAQ
Cybertown Constitution
Founders Guidelines
City Guidelines
UBP Unified Ban Policy
Leaders Code of Ethics
City Council Website
Experience, Rewards & Honors Information
Hi-Tek Colony Guidelines Page.
Faces & Pets of Cybertown links.

Cybertown Bank Site Get an account set up and buy & sell stocks in cybertown places for cybercash!

Sept. 30, 2004: IVN has a new toll free number for customer service - 1-888-557-5611
This is the preferred number for people to call now :)

download from my site a 30 day free trial of the spazz program!
There is no support for this program as there is a newer type out now called VizX3d which you can find at - note "Fully Functional Version will expire in 30 Days" & "The cost of a Vizx3D License is $299" [U.S.D.]



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