Why Flirting Is Important To Relationships

What is flirting? Are you good at it? Do you recognize it when someone is flirting with you? Is flirting harmful to relationships or good for them? Some people think that flirting is harmful, but I am here to tell you why flirting is important to relationships. Before we can talk about why flirting is important to relationships, however, we must first identify what flirting is.

Flirting is a form of communication that happens between two people that indicates the other is playfully interested in either getting to know the other one better or taking the relationship a little farther. Flirting can take many forms. Flirting can be the wink of an eye. Flirting can be a comment that can be both suggestive and innocent. Flirting can be a casual touch of the hand to the shoulder. Flirting can be a shy smile with down turned face and upturned eyes. Okay, so now that we all know what we are talking about, it is time to learn why flirting is important to relationships.

First of all, flirting is important to relationships early on; it is flirting that begins relationships.If no one ever flirts, no one ever knows that the other person is interested, and the relationship never gets started.

Flirting early on is also important because it makes you feel as if you are attractive. Nothing makes someone more attractive than feeling that others like the way they look. In other words, flirting builds confidence, and confidence makes the person even more attractive. It is a joyful game that makes people feel good and want to get to know you better; which is why flirting is important to relationships early on.

Later, flirting is important to relationships because it signals an intimate connection to your partner. Nothing makes a woman feel better than to know that she and her man have a lingering connection, and nothing can bring up that feeling in her quite like an innocent-but-more flirt from across the room at a crowded gathering. It is as if the whole world disappears for just a moment and there is nothing and no one but the two people involved.

Studies show that flirting is important to relationships even when the relationship has been ongoing for years; that is because it makes the couple feel good about themselves, their partner, and the relationship in general. Why is flirting important to relationships?

It keeps a little sizzle going and makes you feel great, sexy, and wanted. So the next time you are enduring a boring-but-necessary business event or sitting through your niece’s graduation party or getting ready to go to the grocery store, remember why flirting is important to relationships and give your spouse or significant other a little pinch on the butt or a quick little wink of the eye. Trust me, it will work wonders and bring a little spice to your love life.


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