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Frequently Asked Questions - (F.A.Q.)

Please note that sales tax will be added to all California sales. It should show up on your paypal total as CA Sales Tax and only the purchase price should have tax added, not including the shipping charge. I do not try to tax the shipping & handling. CA sales tax should still be 7.975% in my area. I will try to keep this information updated as much as possible. Digital Product Info:
  • If you are not using a windows operating system, do not buy digital products from me.
    Some products state that they probably will not work on MAC so I'm extending that to all digital products that I offer. If you are using a MAC do not buy from me! I will not do a refund to people who state that they did not know.
  • If you do not know what a zip file is, or do not have an unzipping tool on your computer,
    do not buy digital products from me.
  • If you do not have adobe reader, do not buy digital products from me.
  • If you do not have a web site or can not find the information to get one/make one, do not expect a refund on that basis. I can point you to information & products that will help you but I will not give refunds to anyone that asks based on not having any way to resell the product.
  • There are other problems with some systems,
    if you have winXP with sp2 you may need a fix to be able to read eBooks.
    I am working on a way to offer that fix to my customers but for now try a
    google search for eBook Fix.


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