2017 Artist of Life Workbook | Lavendaire

Goal setting, therefore, is a set of skills that can be learned or acquired, which is important for achieving different types of effects necessary for specific desires. Ultimately, however, the most important factor in goal setting is your gut feel. Even without the benefit of any scientific theory regarding the benefit of goal setting, deep within, you know that somehow, you need to come up with a clear goal to succeed in life. 

Being indecisive is frustrating and feeding this habit will only be futile to your quest of searching for career goal answers. The more detailed you are with your plans, the better. Instead of writing down "Own a car in two years", you will find that writing "Buy a Silver Ford Escape by September 2008" is more helpful. 

Having a good feeling about a goal would definitely help you put out all of your heart and efforts to achieving that goal. Set your priorities. When you have your goals already set, or even if you are still in the arduous and continuous process of achieving these goals, knowing your priorities and adhering to attaining them would likely help you somehow get orderly amid the long and winding goal-achieving process. 

It is also important to note that this responsibility is not done after the first meeting. Dialogue between the employees or employees with the other officers of the company should be continuous and not a one day affair. This may entail hard work but you should remember that setting performance goals for the company through the workers will help the company in achieving its ultimate goal. 

It's not there to be put on display or to remind yourself that once upon a time, you were sensible enough to create a goal for yourself. And don't try to convince yourself that there are goals that are really meant to be written and nothing more; there is no such thing. Goals are meant to be achieved. 

With the advent of the fever created by a book by Dan Brown, stories suddenly became the focal point of everything. Everything started in a story, they say. When God created the world; it is a story. The other side of this, i.e., evolution, is also a story. Jesus' mission is also a story. And His supposed relationship with Mary Magdalene is a story in itself.