Fun Ways To Relieve Stress

There is no doubt that fun, and engaging in funny events can be the top panacea for any situation. By removing yourself from the area of stress such as a bad day at work into an activity such as a sport or a social event brings joy into an otherwise dull day. There are many fun ways to relieve stress.

Jokes help to release any stress related issues such as anger, depression and anxiety. Laughter is a very effective way to thwart the effects of stress. The increase of blood flow that also results adds to your general vitality. Laughter will make you feel better by shadowing the feelings that are causing stress.

Your mood is an influence here. Perhaps music will work for you. Thrash out your best tunes, have a dance with the wife or simply sing to the music. Think about the last time you heard a song that made you feel good. Music has been proven to promote health by providing inspiration and allowing you to calm down from any stressed encounters.

Cooking combined with music can really help. Combining your culinary delights in the kitchen with some background music is very enlightening. Such an activity occupies the mind as you are engaged in fun ways to relieve stress through personal activities that interest you.

Play a game; invite your friends around for a poker night, or monopoly or charades. Perhaps your circles of friends like to battle competitively on computer games. Have a playstation or an Xbox night, or interact socially online with a multiplayer game that you and your friends enjoy. Computer games are very effective here as they literally allow you to step outside yourself and role play another character.

Try a weekend break if you have not been away on holiday for a while. While the above methods work, itís not a great idea to spend too much time in the same environment as that can promote feelings of boredom and therefore stress. Go visit your distant friends or take the family away to the beach for the weekend. Holidays allow you to get away from it all and are fun ways to relieve stress.

Some may disagree and say those games are couch potato style exploits and too passive. If you are one of a more active nature then go try some sport like squash, or go for a jog or join a club that interests you like martial arts or racquetball. As these promote excitement and therefore fun, you will feel good about yourself and return home refreshed from the experience.

Phone up your friends or use Skype and have chat about the week, past funny events, or any forthcoming social events that make you feel excited. There are many fun ways to relieve stress and each one relates to your personal interests. Look at what excites you and put that into action. If the activity allows you to have fun and enjoy life, then do it at least weekly whether you suffer from stress or not.


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