How To Relieve Tension Using Your Imagination

If exercise or fast paced aerobics sessions are not your cup of tea then consider another tool that can be used to relieve stress. That tool is your mind, more specifically, your imagination. I am referring to visualization. You do this more than you know. Often you cast your mind back to a memory or try to remember an event from the past by picturing the setting in your mind. This is powerful as it ignites emotions related to that event, attracts good feelings and will relieve tension.

This technique is sometime referred to as Guided Imagery. The idea is to place yourself into a mind induced setting of a happy memory or visualize something that you wish to see occur in your life. By placing yourself into this relaxing scene, you begin to facilitate a state of mind that embraces feelings of joy. This is because you are attracting what you wanted.

Psychologists deal with this therapy in many ways though you don’t need see your local shrink to perform this task. It’s really quite simple. Nothing strenuous is involved here as in the case of a yoga session for example. So if physical limits are a daily concern for you, then this is probably the simplest and best way to relieve tension.

This form of subconscious state is practiced in many self-hypnosis sessions worldwide. Though there is a difference between the idea of self—hypnosis and this technique. We are not about to program your brain with thoughts and images, rather the other way round. You will conjure up an image of something wonderful and extract the feeling of joy from that visualization.

This can be performed anywhere where you can find some quiet time away from distractions:

1.Sit yourself comfortably and begin a controlled breathing cycle. Slow deep breaths and then exhale for a couple of seconds.
2.Relax as much as you can, feel the tension dissipate from your muscles.
3.Each time you exhale, begin the visualization process by feeling all negativity leaving your body.
4.Now, think about a point in your life or a point that you are striving to reach, and build that image in your mind. This could be the birth of a baby, or the day you fell for your partner, or a relaxing tropical holiday. Whatever it is, whether it’s a memory or a desired holiday, picture yourself in that moment in that setting. Become wrapped in it, hear any sounds, and believe you are there right now!
5.Become involved in the scene, look around you if you can, walk around the scene if possible. As you do this, you will be enjoying being in an idyllic setting and you will feel the joy of being there.

Decide when to open your eyes again and return to reality. You will feel amazing, more refreshed as you have basically been on a vacation in your mind. The vision will have felt so real that you actually feel like you experienced it and that is because – you were there. So, if you need to relieve tension at any time, you now have a place that costs you nothing to visit and relax comfortably.


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