Save Money Using Old Home Remedies Medicine

Home remedies medicine has been growing more attention lately. This is because of the ever-growing cost of medicine, receiving medical attention, and the difficulty in getting and keeping insurance.

Many individuals and families are forced to look elsewhere to get the medical attention they need. And are having to resort to some old world methods of treating common and not so common ailments. While they may have been forgotten by many for years, home remedies medicine are now finding their ways back into our homes.

While you should go and seek the advice of medical experts for many problems, home remedies medicine and treatments can help improve the quality of your life. The ingredients sometimes can be pretty basic and some a little strange. Home remedies medicine have been used for centuries in countries and cultures around the world and have seen good results.

For allergies, first use a saline solution at the earliest signs that you are having allergies. Use it with luke-warm or lightly warm water. This can help wash out the irritants in your nose.

Also consider using a netty pot to clean your sinus cavities. It is a strange and gross experience but will help your allergies immensely. If you can withstand the heat, try using wasabi (a member of the radish family used in some Japanese dishes). It has an ingredient in it that causes mucous to flow and opens up your head. It can be a painful but effective home remedies medicine.

Home remedies medicine for arthritis may help many among us deal with the pain that comes with this painful disease. One isnít necessarily an old remedy but it has been shown to help. Aspartame, the artificial sweetener you may find in soft drinks and that you may use in your coffee and tea has been shown to provide relief similar to anti-inflammatory products that you use. Also take a soak in epsom salts to provide relief.

To help lower a fever, make a tea with cream of tartar. To 2 Ĺ cups of warm water add 1 Ĺ teaspoons of cream of tartar, Ĺ teaspoon of lemon juice, and Ĺ teaspoon honey. Another you could try is making a tea out of raisins. Add about a cup of chopped raisins to 10 cups of water, boiling it and then letting simmer till it has been reduced by a third. Sip on this throughout the day.

For headaches use peppermint oil rubbed into your temples or other area of your head that hurts. If you have sensitive skin, it can have a burning sensation so donít use this on small children. If you have a full spice rack, take several teaspoons of whatever scented spices you have and make a small pouch from a handkerchief to hold the spices. Hold it underneath your nose and inhale to help ease the pain from headaches.

There are many other health problems that you may have that are more or less serious than those few listed above that can be treated using these old remedies. If you are looking for a good alternative to help treat what ails you, look for other home remedies medicine.

As always, it is always prudent to consult with your professional health care provider, to make sure there is no conflict between the home remedies and any medications you are taking.


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