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Delicious Italian Dishes

Collection of 185+ Italian recipes

Written By Mrs W.G. Water

  • 18 Italian Sauces
  • 6 Modern Italian Sauces
  • 16 Italian Soups
  • 37 Italian Minestre
  • 23 Beef, Mutton, Veal, Lamb etc.
  • 34 Tongue, Sweetbread, Calf's Head, Liver etc.
  • 23 Fowl, Duck, Game, Hare, Rabbit Recipes
  • 28 Italian Vegetable Dishes

And more like;

  • Macaroni, Rice, Polenta, All Other Italian Pastes
  • Omelettes and Other Egg Dishes
  • Italian Sweets and Cakes.

73 Pages PDF Ebook.

You can Instantly Download this Ebook into your Computer.

Only $ 9.75


Sample List of Contents


18 types of Italian Sauces


1. Espagnole or Brown Sauce.

2. Velute Sauce.

3. Bechamel Sauce.

4. Mirepoix Sauce (for masking).

5. Genoese Sauce.

6. Italian Sauce.

7. Ham Sauce (Salsa di Prosciutto).

8. Tarragon Sauce.

9. Tomato Sauce.

10. Tomato Sauce Piquante.

11. Mushroom Sauce.

12. Neapolitan Sauce.

13. Neapolitan Anchovy Sauce.

14. Roman Sauce (Salsa Agro-dolce).

15. Roman Sauce (another way).

16. Supreme Sauce.

17. Pasta marinate (for masking Italian Frys).

18. White Villeroy.



16 Italian Soups

1. Clear Soup.

2. Zuppa Primaverile (Spring Soup).

3. Soup alla Lombarda.

4. Tuscan Soup.

5. Venetian Soup.

6. Roman Soup.

7. Soup alla Nazionale.

8. Soup alla Modanese.

9. Crotopo Soup.

10. Soup all'Imperatrice.

11. Neapolitan Soup.

12. Soup with Risotto.

13. Soup alla Canavese.

14. Soup alla Maria l'ia.

15. Zuppa d'Erbe (Lettuce Soup).

16. Zuppa Regina di Riso (Queen's soup).



Italian Vegetable Dishes


1. Asparagi alla salsa Suprema (Asparagus).

2. Cavoli di Bruxelles alla Savoiarda (Brussels Sprouts).

3. Barbabietola alla Parmigiana (Beetroot).

4. Fave alla Savoiarda (Beans).

5. Verze alla Capuccina (Cabbage).

6. Cavoli fiori alla Lionese (Cauliflower).

7. Cavoli fiori fritti (Cauliflower).

8. Cauliflower alla Parmigiana.

9. Cavoli Fiori Ripieni.

10. Sedani alla l'armigiana (Celery).

11. Sedani Fritti all'Italiana (Celery).

12. Cetriuoli alla Parmigiana (Cucumber).

13. Cetriuoli alla Borghese (Cucumber).

14. Carote al sughillo (Carrots).

15. Carote e piselli alla panna (Carrots and peas).

16. Verze alla Certosina (Cabbage).

17. Lattughe al sugo (Lettuce).

18. Lattughe farcite alla Genovese (Lettuce).

19. Funghi cappelle infarcite (Stuffed Mushrooms).

20. Verdure miste (Macedoine of Vegetables).

21. Patate alla crema (Potatoes in cream).

22. Cestelline cli patate alla giardiniera (Potatoes).

23. Patate al Pomidoro (Potatoes with Tomato Sauce).

24. Spinaci alla Milanese (Spinach).

25. Insalata di patate (Potato salad).

26. Insalata alla Navarino (Salad).

27. Insalata di pomidoro (Tomato Salad).

28. Tartufi alla Dino (Truffles).



Only $ 9.75 for a limited time

*Note: This comes in PDF format so it can be read on any computer with Adobe Acrobat Reader (free from Adobe - see link icons below).
- you will need WinZip or some other unzip type program to open the download. After you have downloaded & unzipped the file you will be able to start reading it immediately right on your computer screen. Most computers do have Adobe reader installed but if you do not, I suggest you download it now. Check the links just below, I've also added 3 common browser links.

Copyright (c) 2004, Amy Tylor. All rights reserved.


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