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HTML Security Report

Special Offer: Order within the next 24 hours and you'll receive an exclusive, shocking video and ROYALTY-FREE RESELL RIGHTS to sell this package and keep 100% of the profits!
HTML Security Report


"Are Your Visitors Stealing From You?"

Exposed At Last: The Dirty Methods Internet Thieves Use To Quietly Steal Up To 46% Of Your Profits...

And What You Can Do To Stop Them...



Wednesday, 7.56 P.M.

From: Bogdan Ravaru

RE: Can visitors really get my products without paying?

Your report was excellent!

It's really going to open the eyes of THOUSANDS of online marketers who naively *think* they are safe from thieves and hackers.

Step by step you pinpointed a shockingly extensive list of serious problems with online security - *particularly* for those of us selling digital products...

But the great news is that you offer a practical SOLUTION to each of these problems, so the growing fear that I had as I was reading your report was fortunately kept in check by this fact :-)

This report, along with the video is a must have for every serious online marketer...

That is, anyone serious enough to want to avoid being blindly ripped off - which covers just about EVERYONE ;-)

Great work!

-Bryan Winters


Dear Internet Business Owner,

What I'm about to tell you might come as a shock and it could also change the way you do business online forever!

If you've ever wondered why you're not making enough sales it could be because of one simple fact:

"Your Product Is Way Too Easy To Steal!"

If you've never made serious money promoting affiliate programs this could also be the cause of one simple fact:

"Your Affiliate Profits Are Quietly Stolen!"

If you're giving a report/ebook as a freebie when people subscribe to your newsletter and you're not getting enough subscribers than maybe:

"They Get Your Information Free, Without Subscribing!"

It sounds pretty scary, doesn't it?


Your HTML Security Report is a bullseye shot! It really hit home for me because my site was broken into a few weeks ago. Timing really is everything!

Serious marketers across the web have got to KNOW that at some point in time, their site will come under attack. The only way it won't happen is if they're NOT making money and people aren't seeing their site. Security is a prime concern.

What concerned me even more (for a few minutes) was the way you explained step by step and piece by piece how these hackers are cracking sites EVERYDAY! The video was CRUCIAL!

Luckily for me and the hundreds of thousands of marketers on the net, everyone of these hack methods can be fought and conquered with one simple solution.

Bogdan, I highly recommend your "HTML Security Report" to any marketer that is interested in making and keeping more of their profits.

Keep up the good work and take care.

Linwood R. Johnson-TEBmu Family


But there's a lot more to this report!

Let me tell you more about other common problems online marketers are facing today.

One of the very big ones is copyright theft!

The Internet is filled with thieves that continuosly surf to find sites with good quality information but poor security so they can:

  • copy the site,
  • completely replicate the marketing efforts of the owner
  • and sell everything at a lower the price

thus creating a huge loss.

And I assure you that it is very time consuming to track illegal distribution of your products and shut it down forever.

There are also a number of competitors that can become jealous of your online success and they'll

  • try to shut you down forever by sending spam in your name
  • alter the results of your online surveys/polls by sending hundreds (and even thousands) of bogus answers
  • literally steal money from you if you run a pay-per-lead or pay-per-click services

And there's still a whole lot more!

Bogdan can change your way of thinking indeed!

Security is a major subject today on the Net and the "HTML Security Report" gives you the knowledge you need to start protecting your intellectual property from the very first moment after you read the ebook.

Step by step instructions facilitate the novices but also the experienced users since there is no other ebook that presents all these techniques together.

If you sell a service or a product on the Net, then you need to read what Bogdan has to say to you.

In some cases you'll be shocked! :-)

The Internet Company(R)

Let me ask you something...

Which one of the closely guarded tips below could you use?


How to stop those pesky traffic-hijackers that cheat traffic-exchange services - page 20



How to stop your competitors from sending spam in your name, stealing money from you and destroying the real results of your polls/surveys - page 22



What hackers can hack, how they can hack you and how you can STOP them - page 11



How to make your website content and images Fort-Knox safe and stop copyright thieves dead in their tracks - page 16



Exactly why forms are the weakest link on your website and how to solve this problem by making them 'invisible' - page 20



The one thing every affiliate not earning enough should do. Warning: This could increase your affiliate profits by up to 46% (yes, this is a tested figure!) - page 25



How you can stop search engines from spidering your private content (thank-you links and download information) - page 29



How to properly use javascript redirection to your advantage - page 31



How to easily reduce your charge-back rate by 34% - page 12



The cold truth about password protecting your site that nobody wants you to know - page 33



What you can actually do about, and other credit-card processing services with very poor security - page 36



How to permanently stop illegal distribution of your products - page 10



What to do when your own host is stealing from you, behind your back! As outrageous as it may seem this is a true story that had cost a very successful Internet business owner a little bit over $20,000 - page 39


Your report jolted me right in my seat!

It opened my eyes to the fact that the back door is wide open for pirates who want to hack into websites and vandalize them or steal proprietary information.

I immediately jumped up and said to myself that I would do whatever it takes to lock up my websites and make them impenetrable!

Carl Devendorf


The information in this report is indeed powerful and I bet it will dramatically change the way you do business online!

If you're now wondering about the cost of this exclusive, shocking resource then you are in for a big surprise!

The price is $17 - flat!

Yes, that's not a misprint - it's less than what you probably spend on your food for a day ...

There is nothing on the whole wide Internet that can be compared to the information you will find in this report. This is brand new, 100% original content!

The reason for selling the report at such a low price is simple. I want to make my report easily affordable to any serious marketer that hates being ripped-off...

...because, alas, I for sure hate this!

Hey, did I mention that there's more to my offer?

If you order in the next 24 hours you will receive 2 (two) special free bonuses that you cannot find anywhere else.


Bonus 1 - Killer Video: "How To Crack 90% Of Existing JavaScript Protections, In 55 Seconds Flat, With Your Bare Hands And Without Knowing A Thing About Programming!"

- which is easily worth $77


I just looked at the report and all I can say is WOW!

I'm really impressed. The video was a real eye opener as to how easy it is to break javascript "encryptions".

Thanks a lot!

Garrie Wilson - Affordable Internet Solutions


Bonus 2: Royalty-free master resale rights to this special report and the killer video!

You will also receive a professional money-sucking mini-site that practically forces people to buy the report now.

Just imagine that you will make your whole investment back from only one sale - and let me assure you: This report sells better than fresh, cold lemonade in the middle of the summer.

These master resale rights are easily worth $97 alone!

Look at it this way - if you're going to be selling anything that costs more than $17 this year - you owe it to yourself to get this resource right now!

If you're still not convinced that "HTML Security Report" is the best investment you could make with a lousy 17 bucks then please read the testimonials available on the page.

Heck, if you cannot afford to invest $17 and drastically improve your business then I don't want you reading my report!


Best Regards,

Bogdan Ravaru

I, Mark Smith, did not write this report or sales page and I am only a reseller. Please see "master resale rights" comments in this sales page. If you buy this product, you have the right to resell it. I did not set the price and I have had to do some edits to this sales page. I also can not offer a money back guarantee since I would be just giving away the product to anyone that asked for their money back. I believe that anyone who buys this product can get their moneys worth out of it and also resell it theirself for profit. Please see all my Earnings Disclaimer & other policy links at the bottom of my page.

HTML Security Report


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