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Shrink Long URLs And Hide Your Affiliates Links Now Right From Your Desktop

When it's time to send a long URL to a friend, wouldn't it nice to be able to send a shorter version so it won't risk to break and not work in your friend's email client?

When you refer your newsletter readers to a product or service you're getting paid for, wouldn't it be nice if you could hide your affiliate links and instantly increase your commissions?

Now you can and it's very easy with Desktop URL Shrinker!

When you're ready to send or refer a URL in any way, simply start your Desktop URL Shrinker application and in a few seconds you have a permanent link replacement. This new shortened link can be sent away through email, in newsletters or ezines, posted on forums or in ebooks, anywhere a link can be clicked, it will work forever.

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Instant Benefits with this software:

  •  No more long URLs that break in emails
  •  Hide your affiliate ID links
  •  Immediate increase in your affiliate commissions
  •  Weekly FREE software download
  •  Free website business and promotion training
  •  Convenient Video help file
  •  Very easy and simple to use

HOT Bonus - Master Resell Rights Included!

That's right! When you order Desktop URL Shrinker you also get the Full Master Resell Rights, and you can resell the software and keep 100% of all the profit for you! You even receive a copy this professionally designed web site, to help sell your new software.

Now what are you waiting for?  :-)

Get It As Instant Download, No Matter What Time It Is!

Order Desktop URL Shrinker Right Now - Only $14.97 ...with Master Resell Rights!

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