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"New Software Instantly Formats Your Ezine AND Filters Out The Words That The Spam Filters Are Looking For!"  

Make Sure That Your Newsletters Look Good,
AND Get Through The Spam Filters Directly To Your Readers.

Wow, your Ezine Filter & Format software is a real time saver! Now it only takes a couple of minutes to format my ezine article in text or HTML!
With email filters filtering our email these days it makes it difficult to get the things to people who do actually want to get them, so having the spam filter checker is a big help in getting my messages to my list!

Thanks for a great product!

Debbie Hamstead

Date: 10/20/04
From: Mark Smith

Dear Ezine Publisher,

I know that publishing a weekly or monthly newsletter can be hard.  You just spent the past few hours researching a topic for your next newsletter.  Then you sat down and wrote out a killer article for your readers.  You send it out to all of your subscribers, and what happens...?

If you're lucky, some of those emails got to their inboxes...  but statistics show that it's likely that that as much as 60% of your subscribers never got your newsletter because of spam filters.

Then you face another problem for those who do read it, if it doesn't appear professional to them, they will delete it. All your hard work went into the trash and your subscribers loose their interest forever

Ezine Format And Filter Software Will Instantly Solve
BOTH Of These Problems For You!

Problem #1 - Spam Filters:  Ezine Format And Filter Software will take your newsletter and filter out the words that the spam filters are looking for.  No longer will you have to hit and miss guessing which words are allowed... just copy your newsletter into the software, and those words that will trigger those spam words will be gone forever.

Problem #2 - Unprofessional Looking Newsletters:  Ezine Format And Filter Software also sets correct per line character length and gets it ready to send to your subscribers. Your ezine will look great and get the attention it deserves.

Your new Ezine Format & Filter software is super!  No more worrying about using words that the filters eat up or problems with email displaying properly because I forgot to format a line correctly.

This is real time saver. I especially like the filtering aspect because I hate trying to enter all those special characters in words that the filters hate. I also don't have to go online and use some of those other services available. I can do it all right on my desktop.

This is going to save me a tremendous amount of time and effort.

Thank you,

Mike Dixon

Look How Easy Ezine Format And Filter Software Is!

Just plug your text into the program, click your mouse, and  presto!  Out pops your ezine, perfectly formatted, AND with all the spam words modified to make sure it gets past spam blockers too.

Look at what other satisfied users are already saying about Ezine Format And Filter Software:


I've seen newsletter formatting software.

I've seen tools that help identify potential SPAM words in newsletters.

But this is the first time I have seen a tool that deals with both issues with such an elegant simplicity that even my pet goldfish could use it! (OK,
perhaps a slight exaggeration but it is reeeeealy easy!)

Paste in your newsletter text, select a line length & anti-SPAM-filter
character and CLICK!

Job done - just copy & paste the result into your newsletter mailer. It
events formats for html newsletters!

This is the one I'm using from now on.


John Kirk


Limited Time Offer - 100% Master Resale Rights Included!

For a limited time, I am offering this powerful yet simple to use software with 100% Master Resale Rights! You keep 100% of the profits you make.

As a Special Bonus, I will also include a web page that you can customize and simply upload to your server. You can start making money with the package within minutes! (times may vary depending on your knowledge of html)

Order the Format And Filter Software today you will receive all of the following...
  • The simple to use Format And Filter software, and Master resell rights, so you can resell the software for $27 (Original Suggested Retail Price) and keep 100% of the profits.  
  • You will receive a free web page. Simply edit & upload to your server and you're ready to start generating cash! AIl the graphics are included and the template is made it so simple that all you have to do is customize the order links and start selling immediately.
  • 100% Master Resale Rights are included with this purchase, therefore you are authorized to sell AND transfer the resale license to anyone else... The profit is all yours!


Mark Smith

GUARANTEE: If Ezine Filter And Formatter is not everything that I say it is and you are not completely satisfied with it, then I will refund every penny of your money with no questions asked. Use email link on the contact page of this site.

That's more than a guarantee, that's a promise.

Sale Price $ 27.00

P.S.  Now you will never have to worry about spam filters or unprofessional looking newsletters again!  And because you receive resale rights... sell 1 copy, and you just made your money back! (not including any cost involved in the listing fees if selling on an online auction site, also not including any fees that your order processing company imposes - so maybe 2 or 3 sales)

page edited by Mark Smith for use in website and auction ads, I tried to express as accurately as possible the true program potential and resale or resell value and am pricing this product at FMV or Fair Market Value as of May 2006. Prices and Values may change over time. I have permission to sell this product because I purchase a large eBook/Software package which granted those rights.

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