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Another AMAZING product brought to you by: InternetMarketingHeadStart.com

Hate Reading? Lose Focus Easily? Learn Internet Marketing Through The Comfort And Convenience Of Head Start Audios!

This offer is now CLOSED!

Ending 10:00am Friday EST NOW ENDING 10:00pm Thursday EST!!!

From the MESSY desk of: Nathan Hockley
Adelaide, Australia
Subject: Head Start Audios


Permit me to paraphrase a comment I hear all the time:

'Nathan, I absolutely hate reading but want to learn Internet Marketing! Like many people, I lose focus while reading and find it hard to concentrate for more than five or 10 minutes at a time. This is killing my ability to learn how to make money online!'

It's a plain fact that people from across the globe would like to change their current situation. Many can't do it because they don't like to read.

Reading thousands of words at a time can be tiring. One page looks like the next, and before long it all becomes a jumbled mess. Starting over only leads to the same result. Many people simply become lost in a churning sea of black and white text.

That ends today if you're serious about making money online.


Head Start Audios - Be Out In Front!

20 hard hitting marketing topics have been selected to give you that much needed boost! We are taking you through, step by step to give you the best chance for success.

No fluff... no hype... just the most up-to-date information and tactics to start your career online. This is the only A to Z guide you will ever need.

Now you can learn everything needed to begin walking toward a career online. Whether you listen to them on the computer... on your mp3 player... or even in the car.

Here is what you will receive...

Volume One.

An opt-in list within 24 hours.

Discover the special skills to easily build a list within 24 hours. A ridiculously easy step by step guide to building your followers!

Co-Reg list building.

Co-Reg list building is one of the most effective ways to build a list... find out how to go about it without putting yourself out their to fry.

Killer ad writing.

Lets face it... if your ads aren't captivating then your bank balance will suffer. Get the 'must know' tips to increasing your wallet size!

E-mail marketing pitfalls.

Can you write an email that will captivate ATLEAST 50% of your audience? If not then you need to hear why!

Co-reg Drama!

Find out the pitfalls of Co-red systems and how to stay on top of them!


Volume Two.

Explosive PLR techniques.

Find out the best PLR techniques to send JV's, traffic, and money straight to your site.

Profiting through resell rights.

The best and most profitable ways to make big bucks with resell rights products.

Products that have flopped.

The name says it all! Never follow in the footsteps of a flop!

Secrets of the Guru's.

Find out what the Guru's are hiding that can help you MAXIMISE exposure and profits!


Volume Three.

Bank account filling subject lines.

Eye catching subject lines that will make subscribers open emails and fill your bank account!

Professional forum participation for profits.

How a little forum participation can go a long way to forging relationships worth thousands in the future.

Tackling testimonials.

How to get testimonials from those around you, and EASILY!

Increase the potency of testimonials.

The tricks of the trade that will have your testimonials selling the product for you!


Volume Four.

Explosive offline traffic solutions.

Offline traffic solutions that will give your online traffic solutions a run for their money!

Generate traffic like a guru.

Guru's generate massive amounts of traffic... I explain it all in detail here!


Volume Five.

How to FAIL online.

If you never want to be successfully online... this is what you need to do. If your failing already... chances are you are doing this and don't know!

Why you're yet to succeed.

The simple strategies that need to be implemented to succeed online.

Succeed forever online.

The name says it all! You will never have to go back to the rat race!

The only way to get rich online.

The only way to get rich online... you need to know it!

The story of two IM friends.

Trials and tribulations of two IM friends... be like them or not?

Four words you must use.

Four crucial words that can have a devastating effect on your internet marketing career.

Five volumes of purely amazing content!

What more could an aspiring Internet Marketer ask for? You will receive all the information needed to kick start your career online! No matter who you are, or what your current situation is, you will be able to kick start your online ventures with my audio package.

I wish someone had developed this when I got into marketing online... All the blood sweat and tears it would have saved me!

Why put it off any longer?

It is YOUR time to shine! Make the most of NOW... Don't be one of the crowd who just passes by to see what the fuss is about, TAKE ACTION, take control and live the life of financial freedom!

And all without having to read a word...


YES Mark! Your Head Start Audios package is exactly what I need to kick start my career online!

I also understand that I need to act fast as your Fast Action Bonus is only available to the first 75 customers!

$ 24.95

[This is a Digital Download Product - Not an actual physical cd or dvd set]


So why only $ 24.95?

$ 24.95 puts it in the reach of everyone looking to make a decent income online. People that are willing to spend money to make money are the ones that will succeed. This helps to put you in the right state of mind to take control of your life and set those goals!


Take Action... or else!

Mark Smith [reseller]



P.S. Seriously... how can you still be reading! Get it now while you have the opportunity.

If you think you can find a better deal... then by all means do!

I, Mark Smith, have had to make major edits to this sales page and I also can not offer any guarantee on this product. All the audio is in mp3 format and the resell rights alone are worth the price of this product.
Make just one sale from your own site and you've made your money back Plus you get to keep & listen to the mp3 audio product forever.
I suggest making and keeping a copy of the original zip file on cd or some other storage device just in case.
Original Copyright 2007 - Nathan Hockley, InternetMarketingHeadStart.com

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