How To Surround Your HTML Code With Barb-Wire And Double Your Affiliate Profits


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"How To Surround Your HTML Code With Barb-Wire And Double Your Affiliate Profits"

HTML Encryption


Would You Trust A US Navy Guard To Watch Over Your Email Address From Being Harvested, Affiliate Links From Being Tampered With And Thank-You Pages From Being Stolen From?


"Great stuff!

I really do think it is great, I have used it to hide all my Affiliate URL's and am currently rewriting my Auto Responder messages to work with the new links.

I think it will be a more professional image as well as giving me more sales and a better response, because people won't steal or be inclined not to use my Affiliate link.

With this program, now they have no option and that is the way I like it.

Kat Blanchette




Monday 10:50 PM
From: Roy Kaufman
Subject: Help, I've been robbed by Internet Thieves!

Dear Friend,

What you are about to read could change the way you do business online. I want to talk to you about one of the biggest problems on the Internet today.

Please unplug the phone, pull up your chair and listen closely.

I have a confession to make. Don't get too excited because it is not anything juicy like sex, drugs or criminal behavior.

It's about my headline. It's a little bit exaggerated.

Until now, I only received one email from somebody who almost doubled his income from affiliate programs in 5 minutes flat using my program


"... increased my click-through with 93%. This almost doubled my sales hands free ..."

Mark Johanson, CEO I.D.E.Advertising
North Carolina



You will be absolutely stunned after studying the paragraphs below...

FACT! According to Tom Hua, Internet Marketing Authority, up to 30% of your affiliate programs are being quietly stolen even now.

NOW, you can Protect your HTML Code with HTML Encryption, and get top Web Page Security, and Protect your Web Pages From Theft!

I believe everybody (and his/her aunt) has heard about ClickBank.

Think about it. If you promote a ClickBank Affiliate Program what prevents Joe Sixpack from replacing your affiliate id with his own and pocketing the commission?

It's like taking the money out of your wallet.

These Internet Pickpockets do not necessarily have felonious intentions. They are replacing the link just because this way they save up to 50%.

Hearing people talking about commission thieves I conducted a test to have specific results.

Six weeks ago I developed HTML Code Guard v1.0 and I was selling it on my main ClickBank account. Using a secondary account I joined as an affiliate (I was the only affiliate selling it!)

Afterwards, I deliberately send a solo ad to 1,700 opt-in subscribers with my uncloaked affiliate link.

To my amazement I received 7 orders but only 4 of them were using my ClickBank affiliate id. Three of the people ordering the software changed my id to their own!

This is why I said my headline is a little bit stretched. It's not quite 50%, it's 42.85%.

While you might wonder how many affiliate commissions you lost this way let me ask you one question...

Have you ever seen an affiliate link like this:

and instead of clicking the link you just went to

I think you can now clearly see my point.

Now let me ask you another question...

How many times have you tried to bypass Paypal payment and looked in the HTML code for the return link? (yes, it's possible even if right-click is disabled)

How many times have you clicked View->Source to 'borrow' a good-looking form ?

How many times have you viewed a site's source to see the posting location and get the free report/ebook they were offering for subscribing to their newsletter
.... without subscribing!


"I was sick and tired of people who clicked View -> Source and went directly to my thank-you page, without subscribing to my newsletter and sometimes without paying for my material.

Thanks again Bogdan,


JoAnn Berger, iSales Corp



Yes, I bet you are very likely to have committed at least once one of these crimes. And imagine how many have done this unto you ...

I have another question for you which at first might seem unrelated to the previous ones but this one sure is important ...

How many times have you received SPAM ?

(ugh, even saying this word gives me a head-ache )

"What's with the 20 questions Bogdan?"

Glad you asked.

Wouldn't it be amazing if finally, youíll be able to stop spammers dead in their tracks and keep your site and affiliate profits safe just as easily as you answer the phone or open the refrigerator door...

Just picture this for a moment...
Doesn't it feel good?

Then Baby I've got news for you...

This is what my brand new program is all about. It's called HTML Code Guard v2.1 and it's the nightmare of all internet criminals.

What it does is keep your website and your profits safe from Internet pickpockets!

Are you interested in finding out more or would you like to get this killer software ASAP ?

Click the Buy Button and you'll be using this invaluable program in a matter of seconds, even if it's 3:42 am!

HTML Code Guard has a user friendly interface and it's extremely fast. Our program is so easy to use even your pet will like it!


The Custom Link Generator adds professionalism to your links by displaying custom text in the status bar

The Email Address Generator stops spammers dead in their tracks, ruining their attempts to harvest your email address

The Affiliate Link Creator has strong, strong encryption with the added JavaScript protection

You see, some people already know how to crack the following protection which is offered by most of today's affiliate link encryptors :


Our affiliate profits protection combines 2 numeration bases: decimal and hexadecimal making it impossible to break by 99.80% of the people visiting your site. It looks like this:

111%3B%26%23119%3B %26%23101%3B%26%23114
%3B%26%23108%3B%26%23105%3B%26%23 102%3B%26%23


There is only one downside to using HTML Code Guard: your file size will be larger and the page will load slower.

But I think this is nothing when compared to the advantages:

You Protect Your Links And Your Commissions
You Keep Your Visitors At Your Site - the visitor will never suspect you are promoting an affiliate link. All they will see is your website like in the picture below.

You Have Easy To Remember And Identify Links
You Are Able To Track How Many People Clicked On Your Link
You Can Submit Your Affiliate Links To Search Engines because our program automatically generates a search engine optimized page.

HTML Code Guard can

Hide Paypal Return Links
Hide Real Posting Location
Keep Your Private Data Away From Evil Eyes

The CodeGuard offers an advanced encryption mechanism, different from that of the Affiliate Link Creator.

Encrypted pages will look like this:

1 oqz76 /wwFtu7B zo m7qz8z7p o0:o o07 pnoz :q<0zm7pA:qoz 2R54=\"0oosaAAlllBl7]]7qpB

Make Your Site View->Source proof
Stop Search Engines From Indexing Your Page (if you so decide)


"I needed something to protect my web site from being stripped clean with no one joining. I am getting sick of it. I don't know just how many assoc. commissions I've lost. I had to do something.

Thank you,


HTML Code Guard could be considered a very cheap date at $47.

But it's cheaper. It's only $37. Yes that's right.

To be honest this is a test price. I'm trying to see how many people buy my program at this price and I will soon raise it for new tests.

Order now to make sure you receive this at our astonishing low sale price.

Yours truly,

Roy Kaufman - [creator]
& Mark Smith [reseller]

P.S. : Did I mention that you get royalty-free resale rights with this program (worth $1457)if you act today? Yes, I will give you a copy of my program and a ready-made money-sucking site just waiting to take orders. Make only one sale and you will break-even. Everything else will be pure profit! Some editing required & you must host the download file on your own server.



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