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You won't believe how easy it is to unzip all zip files you have.
You'll save time, money, headaches, etc.

Instant Unzip - This small, easy to use program walks you step-by-step through the process of Unzipping a ZIP file you have received. A must have utility!

You not only get to use this handy software but you also get resell rights as well.
And, I'll even let you use the graphics and this web page that I made since it didn't come with a ready made set. Extra graphics in zip file, different file types - use 'em or make your own.

The screenshot below shows a folder I opened after clicking the browse button in the Instant Unzip program. I opened the folder of other software that came with this unzip program to show how many more programs are in the set (only the zip files are showing in the folder).

I am making pages and graphics for all of these other programs and I will have a package deal set up soon in the package index page in my site. If you are reselling after buying I give permission to edit this and all other files except the software since that is not something I made myself.

The program will have to be downloaded as an exe file first and then the rest will be in a zip file and you can use your new Instant Unzip to open it :-)

But wait, that's not all! :-)

I love that line.
I am also including a screenshot of the top portion of the original Fast Selling Software sales page which has the "resale rights" wording so you can see what was originally promised. You have rights to resell this software! You have rights to repackage it! And as you will see in that screen shot, there were 23 software titles/programs in the original package.

Now, since the big package was $24.95 (or about $1.08) per program, I'm going to resell them individually for $2.16 and when I get the package done it will still be $24.95 so look for that if you want all the programs!

You can order Instant Unzip with resale rights for  Only $ 2.16

P.S. You might want to copy the Buy Now button above since it is not in the zip file.

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