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This Brand New Software Makes It Easy!

Dear Friend,

In less than fives minutes you can be the owner of a brand new software program that will transform the way you do business online forever!

This program will work for you if you promote affiliate programs, sell your own products or promote any offer online . . . and it doesn't matter if you've just started out or if you're a seasoned marketing Pro.. because Squeeze Machine will work for you! 

Without it you are walking around with huge holes in your pockets and coins are falling all over the ground with every step you take.

Professional marketers will confirm that following up with your visitors increases sales.

Stats provided by the National Sales Association:

- 2% of sales are made on the 1st contact
- 3% of sales are made on the 2nd contact
- 5% of sales are made on the 3rd contact
- 10% of sales are made on the 4th contact
- 80% of sales are made on the 5th-12th contact

Now I'm sure you'll have already heard about a new, and highly effective way of getting your visitors to subscribe to your opt-in lists is with squeeze pages...

If you haven't then let me explain:  A 'squeeze page' is a regular HTML page with a subscription form on it and a little 'teaser' sales copy.

The idea is that when the visitor requests free information from you they are automatically transferred to your sales letter (or the affiliate program you promote).

You now have their email address to follow up and increase the potential for a sale.  And if you are promoting your own products you have the opportunity to personalize the sales letter with their first name, last name, and email address..

That's if you had the right software to do it...

But before you mistake this software for something less powerful please read the next paragraph very carefully.

Having a 'squeeze page' on your website is a good start but do you know for sure how effective it is?  -

Maybe people are landing on that page and not bothering to complete the process? 

Not only do you not get the 'opt-in' but you lose any possibility of a sale too.  'Squeeze pages' by their very nature need to be tested and tracked to ensure they are actually working for you and not working against you.

You MUST monitor the conversion rates between visitors and subscribers.

It's also vitally important that you create and test multiple squeeze pages for maximum effectiveness - after all this is YOUR profit we're talking about.

Finally you need to consider the benefits of sales page customization - In my own tests I have found that personalized sales pages can convert up to 2:1 compared to non personalized versions - (basically you can get twice the number of sales by simply including the prospects name or other personal comments into your sales letter.)

So the ability to test and measure visitor to subscriber conversion rates, The facility to create multiple squeeze pages quickly and easily and the option to add personalization features to our sales letters is critical in achieving more sales and increasing profits.

Until now, no one program has existed that can do all this for you in a simple, point and click manner.

But I'd like to my brand new SQUEEZE MACHINE and it can do All of the above and more . . .


Simon Hodgkinson's Squeeze Machine Software  Create an unlimited number of highly effective squeeze pages.

  View how many people in total visited your squeeze page(s).

  See how many people subscribed to your pages at the click of a button.

  View the unique visitors to subscribers conversion ratios for every squeeze page.


Instantly view previous month's statistics.

  Personalize the sales page with the subscriber's first name, last name, email address and up to 5 more optional fields that you can fully customize.

And much more..

As you can see, this software is capable of fully automating the entire squeeze page process and instantly start making you money!

By using this system you have the opportunity to explode your online profits by following up with your visitors!

You Can Start Creating And Making More Money In Less Than 10 Minutes From Now!

You can have this entire system setup and running fast! And once it's installed, you simply point and click using the easy to navigate admin interface.

And the best part is, whilst this software can help you generate thousands of dollars in extra profits the price you will pay is miniscule in comparison.   Other software with less capabilities is currently selling for $100+ online. But, I have decided to do something very different here.  For a limited time, whilst this product is brand new I am running a marketing test. I am only charging $47 for a copy of this software!

Important:  For every 25 copies sold the price will increase by $10.00 - within days this could quite easily cost you double.  Click Here To Order Now

Get These Complimentary Bonuses:

Okay, if what you've seen already hasn't already convinced you that you need this software probably nothing will - and whilst this package certainly doesn't need a bonus I have a reputation to uphold as a marketer that continually over-delivers so here goes...


Grab A Copy Of The Brand New Video Training Guide:  "15 Easy Ways To Boost Your Web Site Response"

This product is designed to help turn your new and existing websites into even more profitable ventures quickly and easily, without getting you bogged down in complicated marketing and technical strategies, and without you having to spend a dime more on marketing or design.  Read More Here (Opens In A New Window)


4 FREE Ready Made Squeeze Page HTML Templates! If you get this package right now, I am including four squeeze page templates that are already formatted for maximum conversions. Just plug in your own words and you will be ready to go!


Special Bonus:

This software comes in a zip file with alot of extras...

  • EZ Newsletter - EasyArticleGeneratorv1.exe & EZNewsAnnounce.exe
  • NewsGenerator Brandible with customization instructions
  • Marketing Tips java script file


To Get Your Copy Right Now!

Only $47.00

24hr Instant Delivery



To Your Success!

Mark Smith [reseller]

P.S.  Remember that this price will not last forever. It will be going up soon. Don't miss your chance.

P.P.S. Nowhere else will you find such powerful software at such a great value price. order today and start increasing your profits immediately!


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