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"FACT: Your Entire Business Could Be
Destroyed Today If You Are Not Already
Using WebLaw Generator"

Here is what WebLaw Generator will do for you today:
  • Instantly create essential legal documents for all your websites in 2 seconds flat!
  • Affiliate Agreements
  • Privacy Policy Documents
  • No-Spam Agreements
  • Terms of Use and Disclaimers
  • Copyright Notices
  • Earnings Disclaimers

Without these legal forms your entire business could be shut down by the FTC, its not a question of if, but WHEN!

"I'm a huge fan of how easy you and your program make it to be in compliance with the law." - Paulie Sabol

From the Desk of: Gary McCaffrey
Thursday, 1:10pm

Dear Friend,

If you are running a business on the internet, you are in danger of losing it all if you are not using the required legal documents!

Just one single complaint from one customer and your entire business could be shut down for good!  Not to mention the headache and huge costs of a possible court battle!

It has happened thousands of times before, and it will happen again, you need to protect yourself against these lawsuits today and ensure it wont happen to you!

But how? You can get consultation with a lawyer, which can cost anywhere up to $400 per hour!  You could pay for an online service to write your legal forms, which can cost about $80 per form, & if you run more than one website, this can turn into thousands of dollars very very quickly!

'WebLaw Generator' Is The Solution!

WebLaw Generator will create unlimited website legal documents for any and all of your websites.  All you do is choose what form you need, fill in a few blanks, and WebLaw Generator will spit out a professionally crafted document instantly!
NOTE: You may need to change the year of copyright after generating and saving the document but that is easy to fix in notepad, wordpad or any other text editor.

It will take all of about 2 minutes to create all the legal documents your website is likely to need!  It simply couldn't be easier!
NOTE: Time may vary from user to user depending on each individual and the "2 minute" comment is not very accurate but you get the idea.

What's Included?

Have a look at the legal documents you can generate instantly to start protecting yourself and your business today!

Privacy Policy - This essential document indicates how you collect and use information about your visitors, without it you are open to problems from visitors and from Federal Government Enforcement Agencies like the Federal Trade Commission.  It will only take 2 seconds to protect yourself, don't get caught without one!

Terms of Use & Disclaimers - This document protects you in that it limits your responsibility to the users of your website.  Without it, your website could be shot down in an instant!

Affiliate Agreements - If you run an affiliate program through ClickBank, this form is ideal.  Allows you to set the terms your affiliates must follow when advertising and selling your products! (ClickBank Only)

No-Spam Agreements - Protect yourself against possible spam abuse and accusations and ensure your in compliance with the latest Can-Spam laws with this essential legal form!

Copyright Notices - Protects your content and graphics by outlining how visitors are allowed to use them.  Without this you may find your content and profits being stolen from you, you simply cannot be without this simple addition to your site!

Earnings Disclaimers - This is a must have document if you sell marketing information or 'How to Make Money' programs, or even just if you run an affiliate program!  One famous internet marketer could have used one of these before the FTC shut down his operations a few years ago! Don't be the next one caught out!

If you are doing business on the internet, you are no doubt doing business in the US, so no-matter where you live YOU MUST COMPLY WITH FTC REGULATIONS!  If you continue as you are without protecting yourself, you WILL eventually get caught, PERIOD!

Remember, as your business and websites are seen by more and more people everyday, it only becomes more and more risky to not be legal and protected!  Trust me, Order your WebLaw Generator NOW or you will regret it later!

By now your probably wondering how much its going to cost you for complete peace of mind.  Order today and get 'WebLaw Generator' for the special introductory price of only $19.97!  But hurry, because this special price will not last, I could really charge much more for this essential package, and will be raising the prise very soon so it will be closer to its actual value!

Save Thousands of Dollars on Lawyer's Fee's!

Lets face it, $19.97 is a painless drop in the bucket compared to what you will go through when caught by the law enforcement agencies!  It really is a simple decision, press the order button now, spend two minutes uploading the files to your site, and continue with your business knowing your as safe and protected as you can be!

Order With Complete Confidence:

Iron-Clad 100% Money Back Guarantee!

I am confident that you will be so thrilled with the 'WebLaw Generator' that I am offering you the chance to try it out risk free for a full 30 days!

If at any point you decide its not for you, simply contact me for a speedy 100% refund! No questions asked!
NOTE: My money back 'Guarantee' is only good for this $19.97 offer, if you purchase this software/reseller pack from me at any other [lower] price then the 'Guarantee' does not apply!


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