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Hello there webmaster.
My name is Mark Smith and I am the owner of
I'm working on pages for items that people can buy & download, anytime they happen to find my pages, Day or Night!

Right now you can buy this amazing web graphics package and use all the graphics in your own site or resell the entire package. Or, you can even change things in the package to suit yourself before reselling it. That's right you get to use them, sell them, change them & sell them, etc.
Here's why, when you buy PLR that is "private label rights". You are allowed to do just about anything you want with that.
Here is a copy of the rights I received with the package when I got it:


[Yes] You may add / edit or remove content
[Yes] Can be offered as a bonus for products sold 
[Yes] Can be packaged with products for sale 
[Yes] Can be added to paid membership sites
[Yes] Includes graphics 
[Yes] Can sell Master Resale Rights
[Yes] Can sell Resale Rights 
[Yes] Can be given away
[Yes] Can sell Private Label Rights

Now, you might ask yourself why I'm telling you this, when all I have to do is say I made them, buy them, thanks.
Well the truth is, I just don't have the time to make everything look the way I want because I have so many other great things to get pages ready for.
Not that this package isn't great, but it would take me time to put things just the way I'd want them in the package, I did however make the header at the top of this page and the graphic at the bottom just for this page.

Wow that's a big box! Well I guess it would have to be to hold 501 graphics Plus all the extra stuff in this huge package deal!
  • 100 People Images
  • 165 Aqua Power Buttons
  • 15 Certificates - Guarantee type
  • 15 Specific Headers
  • Web Graphics - over 200 assorted arrows, checkmarks, circles, x marks, numbers, price badges, question marks, quotation marks

You also get:

  • 5VideoSqueezeTemplates - with private label rights.
  • 250 PLR Banners - 5 sets of 50 and each set comes with PLR rights txt file that explains the rights you get. Term #9 states: May be resold with the Private Label Rights. Suggested Retail Price for these 50 header templates:$29.97. You are not forced to comply with the "Suggested Retail Price" (SRP,) however we set a standard selling price and kindly ask you to adopt this price (or more). This helps to maintain the value of these header templates for the benefit of all customers.
  • 20 MiniSite Templates with some graphics and a PLR license in txt file. There are 80 web graphics -- icons, order buttons and guarantee seals. Use them in any where you want. On your sales letter, your website, your blogs, your products, your videos, in print, on the web...

I don't want to take any more of your time up reading this when you could be working on your own site with these great items I've listed here. It's all in the download page that you will be sent to after your payment.

Total Price Today = $ 39.95

P.S. I'm adding the graphics I made for this page and the index page to the whole zip file. You will have to edit these to fit your own site of course. Or make your own sales page from scratch.


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