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First, you may opt to take the directly medical route and go for drugs that are designed to increase serotonin levels in our brains and help us fight obsessions and compulsions. The risk here, however, is that we might be forever dependent on drugs. Critics of this method say that the medications are there to give a placebo effect only. 

Obsessive compulsive disorder is an affliction that needs serious help, that's why it is called a 'disorder'. If it were something that was very minor, it would not have been labeled such. OCD is a problem that has to be addressed at the onset of the symptoms, or else it could escalate into something that is mentally, physically, and emotionally damaging. 

Insufficient knowledge about obsessive compulsive disorder will lead the non-patient to misunderstand his or her behavior. It is easy for a person with no OCD to classify the OCD sufferer as simply insane. Without a deep understanding of the condition, the person who has OCD might just be laughed at or ridiculed when all he or she really needs is help. 

Called cognitive behavior therapy, those who undergo this method find themselves better cured because not only do are they able to get rid of certain OCD habits, they are also able to detect some at the onset. Behavior therapy deals with how people respond to certain stimuli. Thus, its effect is deeper and more long term. 

Understanding Obsessive Compulsive Disorder And Its Symptoms Everybody is afraid of germs. We all want to avoid getting in contact with them as much as possible because we don't want to get sick or get dirty. However, there are those people who fear germs so badly to the point that it's already considered insane. 

Another treatment used is cognitive behavioral therapy, which is actually more effective because it compels the person to decide for himself or herself that something needs to be done if he or she truly wants to end the disorder. The second method can take a while, but it has been found to be more effective, as opposed to drug taking (which can just have a placebo effect).