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  Notice: Product Availability - All products that ship by UPS, FedEx, USPS etc. are subject to availability. If a product is not available then you will be notified by email (the email address you paid with thru paypal) and you will be given a choice of refund of product amount or credit toward a different item. If no reply is received within 7 days then a refund will be issued.   Tax & Shipping charge for said item will also be refunded.

Digital Download Policy:
I can not do refunds for the digital download products since I'd have no way of knowing if the person quits using the information/product and does not sell it as a reseller after requesting said refund. Some products have links or only work when you are connected to the internet and due to the ever changing nature of the internet, the sites, the people that run the sites, I can not guarantee that everything such as links and sites will work forever. Also, some sites, hosts or servers do have down-time and there could be other connection problems with the material. I would not be aware of all these things 24/7. I have over 600 resale products as of 08/20/2012 and I can not keep tabs on all the links and inside these info products or software.
I am currently working on all pages for this site and will update this soon - for now there are some links at the bottom of each page that should explain my policies and other legal stuff.


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