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I have had to close --- this section of my oldest site that I still have is going to be the place I will be putting most of the information about traffic exchanges and other online programs and tools that are supposed to help internet marketers get more traffic to their site(s). I may have some info in other places as well.

If you are looking for the mini square banner page that I used to have in this section of my site, it is still going to be here but might not be updated very often. And as you all should know, even if I try update daily, things change daily and I might not have time to do anything else.

What is a traffic exchange?
Well, according to powersurfcentral: A traffic exchange is a membership site where all members can surf and view other members sites. This is done based on a system of credits where 1 credit is equal to one random member of the site to visit your page for a set amount of seconds.
Some sites seem to change the timer or number of seconds you have to view a page once in a while and it can be very confusing when the timer keeps changing. Also, you can usually purchase "upgrades" where you get a lower surf timer and then you can surf more with the time you have to surf for credits. Then there is also the problem of credits per click. Some sites do not give 1:1 meaning you have to surf more if it is 2:1 (.5 credits per click) or 3:1 (.33 or .34 credits per click) surf ratio, this also makes it confusing to figure out the best sites to surf to get the most credits for your time.
And I forgot to mention progressive surf ratio ... maybe I shouldn't but the credits per click changes (usually goes up) while you surf. That is a good thing.

I'm changing the TB column to User ID for each site because it's to hard to keep track of what sites are in TB (TrafficBrowser). Also, CTP Badge sites that have put badges back in with new code are in bold and the sites that I haven't been able to get badges at have a line thru the CTP letters. Next - VTG sites might change so often that I don't know if they are still doing VTG or not - check the list on the VTG site. Next - ZubeeZone or ZZ sites may or may not be acurate. Next - Jackpot sites, and Wizard Power sites may have changed also but I have a separate list for those which I will try to update when I can. TEMarathon I haven't been able to do or keep up with what sites have that so check the list at TEMarathon. PorkyPoints or PP I haven't found many but there is a list of sites on the PorkyPoints site. TESurfAcademy or TESA has a list on their site. Last - Groats or GetYourGroats or GYG doesn't have many sites but they have a list on their site separated into Standard and Premium TEs, I see only 13 total sites. NEW: CoopMG has been doing a thing called Top Surfer Certificate and I have not had the time to add that to my alphabetical list yet so I will post my quickly made page with links that I had ... some sites I'm not a member of so those won't actually work until I get a friends link in or actually join the site. I put an * after the name if I'm not a member and if I didn't add any link yet.

Some of the best TE's below

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