Mark R. Smith Ministry       I practice freedom of religion and try to “do only that which is right.”      


Time waits for no-one!

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Working on my pages

If you would like to donate and help, you can send via paypal to

I do a lot of different things and all income goes into the same place which I use for what is needed. I will have more info in my other pages about this soon. I will be paying fees and taxes as required so all money donated will be counted as income for me. I have not had to file income taxes for over 3 years now because I have not earned enough to file.

I tried to use GoFundMe but the payment processor they use wants to send me a text or SMS to verify something before I could login. I do not do text or SMS and probably never will. I have a paypal account with the email



I am not a non-profit, I file and pay taxes on my total income when the total is at or over the amount I must file ... see more info on my taxes page.
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