Mark R. Smith Ministry       I practice freedom of religion and try to “do only that which is right.”      


Time waits for no-one!

Purpose / Mission Statement

Helping Family & Others
"Be A Good Person"
Try every day to be better

#1. Helping my mom.
I've been helping my mom for over 3 years now full time. I have not been able to work a real job because of this and we do not get any help from the state, county or any other government program of any kind. My mom has her disability income and it barely pays the bills. But it is not enough to pay all medical bills incurred or even enough to get the vehicle(s) repaired or get a new lawn mower or refrigerator for the house.
The list of things that are needing fixed or replaced just keeps getting longer.



I am not a non-profit, I file and pay taxes on my total income when the total is at or over the amount I must file ... see more info on my taxes page.
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