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2020 Update: My mom had a fatal heart attack on June 25 and died in the hospital on July 1. The ambulance people and then everyone that worked on her at the hospital did an amazing job getting her breathing and her heart apparently beating again but she was already brain dead. She had been without bloodflow & oxygen to the brain for at least two hours. on June 25. So, I am changing my page here a bit since I'm not helping my mom anymore at the house she rented. I have cleaned everything out and moved my things into storage as of Aug. 15 or 16 and I will be taking a trip to do a few things including scattering my moms ashes where she wanted.

2017 Update: I went into the hospital around June 15 for a lung problem and had heart failure while they were working on the bleeding in my lung. My mom had to get the medical coverage started for me as I was out of it for about 2 weeks in the hospital. The state of California and the system the hospitals use has to get information any way they can but the woman was apparently very rude to my mom and tried to imply that there wouldn't be any medical coverage unless my mom provided the "documents" or "proof" of any income for whatever time period they needed. Anyway, they did finally get me on Medi-Cal and all hospital costs were apparently paid. I never got any bill.

I also had to apply for general relief and then social security. I had to sell vehicles that were not useable and get a car [in March 2018] that was usable. Then I had to replace our refrigerator [in April 2018]. The next month I had to get a new cheap laptop [May 2018] because my old one wouldn't let me login or anything.

Older Info: I was helping my mom for over 3 years full time. I have not been able to work a real job because of this and we do not get any help from the state, county or any other government program of any kind. My mom has her disability income and it barely pays the bills. But it is not enough to pay all medical bills incurred or even enough to get the vehicle(s) repaired or get a new lawn mower or refrigerator for the house.
The list of things that are needing fixed or replaced just keeps getting longer.



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