Wedding Entourage

Planning Your Wedding Entourage

Planning your wedding can be the most exciting thing to ever do. It is a grand celebration on your commitment to love and marriage. It is like another chapter being opened in your life.

Planning weddings can also be very tiring. There are a lot of things to list down and prepare. Arrangements have to be made for the flowers, gowns, church and reception areas. But the first and most important thing to consider when planning your wedding is the wedding entourage. Who are the people completing your wedding entourage?

The wedding entourage is not simply the list of your families, friends and guests you wish to be with you during your wedding. They are not only the witnesses to the vows of your matrimony but they are the lights and pillars for a strong marriage. The wedding entourage is a crucial support system also during your wedding. Their role as parents and sponsors do not stop when the wedding is over. They will be there to support and guide the newly weds and help them strengthen the bonds of their marriage.

What are the ways to choose your wedding entourage? Friends and family members are the ones that usually compose the wedding entourage. You may try to list down who are the people special you wish to be present on your wedding and would assume an important role in helping you with the problem-solving on your wedding.

Once you have finished the list, set up a meeting with them or a party date. This will let them get to know each other and become familiar so that they can work together more effectively. Also it strengthens the binds of both families and puts an important post for your close friends.

It is important to clarify the different roles and responsibilities for each key player in your wedding. You must delegate the jobs like setting up the flowers if you choose to make your own flower arrangements or ensuring the wedding gowns or taking care of the decors for the wedding reception.

Set up a clear chain of command. Important aspects of the wedding must have a team leader. You may ensure leaders for flowers, food, decors, transportation to name a few. Get the contact information of all the members and make a simple directory for the wedding. Give them also a clear schedule and deadlines of things to ensure for the preparations.

Do not forget to show your appreciation to these people who have worked hard for your successful wedding. You may prepare for them simple gifts or cards thanking them. Your wedding became a lot easier with their assistance and dedication.

The list for the wedding entourage for the wedding ceremony is as follows:

Celebrant. This is the attending priest for the wedding. Choose a priest who is personally acquainted to you. This way, he can be personal with his advices.

Parents of the bride and groom. They have the biggest role in the wedding besides next to the bride and groom.

Principal sponsors. They are the men and women who shall be your advisers and godmothers for the wedding and your marriage. They would try to support you with establishing a strong family. With their presents, you can have an easy start for establishing your family. You must, of course, save the money given to you by the sponsors.

Secondary sponsors. Included in the secondary sponsors are the ones who would read the missalettes and guide the attending people; the ones who will light the candles; the nes who would clothe the veil; the ones who would hang the rope of binding. They are your close friends who shall help you entertain your guests and help you with the receptionís program.

Bestman and maid of honor. Depending on your personal choice, you may have more than one bestman and maid of honor. They shall assist the groom and the bride during the wedding. After the ceremonies, they shall help the newly weds with having the marriage contract signed by the principal sponsors.

Groomsmen and the bridesmaids. They are additional helpers of the groom and bride
Cupids and Angels. They may carry the offerings for the wedding to pay thanksgiving to the Lord.

Flower girls. They shall prepare the pathway of the bride whose day is very much showered with beauty.

Coin bearer, bible bearer and ring bearer. As their names imply, they shall carry the important symbols of the wedding.


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