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Top 5 Easy to Do Woodwork Projects for Beginners

It’s essential for woodwork novices to have a slow but methodical approach to their newfound interest. Directly tackling a woodwork project meant for people with advanced woodwork skills will only make you feel more useless and frustrated about the present level of your skills, and this might consequently make you think of giving up on woodwork altogether.

If you wish to learn more about woodwork, start by accomplishing simple woodwork projects. Doing so will enable you to hone basic woodwork skills and prepare yourself for much more challenging woodwork projects in the future.

Top 5 Woodwork Projects for Beginners

Woodwork Projects for Tables and Chairs – Perhaps the most basic woodwork project you’ll find is one that teaches you how to build a table from scratch. As there’s rarely anything complicated about the design of tables, you won’t have to worry about getting the dimensions wrong. Neither size nor shape is an important factor as well because tables can be both small or big, and square or rectangular in shape.

After making the table, find a woodwork project that teaches you how to build chairs. It would be ideal if the woodwork project you’ll use for chairs was made by the same person and specifically meant as a match for the table you’ve earlier on focused on building.

Chairs are only slightly trickier to build than tables. Perhaps the most difficult aspects of chair woodwork projects is ensuring that all its legs are equal in proportion and that the seat can adequately hold your weight.

Woodwork Projects for Storage Sheds – Although the sheer size of storage sheds in comparison to furniture and other portable or lightweight woodwork creations can make this particular project daunting, you’ll soon realize that its size is the only intimidating factor you’ll have to contend with.

Certainly, you’ll be making use of a considerable amount of resources and supplies, the magnitude of which depends on the specifications of your woodwork project, but you’ll gradually understand that there’s nothing complicated about building a storage shed.

More importantly, the sense of achievement you’ll feel once you’ve successfully built a storage shed will more than make up for any trouble or cost you’ve had to bear in the past.

Woodwork Projects for Porch Swings – Instead of letting yourself get intimidated with the word “swing” and imagining all sorts of complications you think are associated with this type of woodwork project, concentrate rather on a simplified description of a porch swing: a chair without legs.

Once your mind digests that fact, you’ll probably have an easy time following the instructions for making a porch swing. Again, consider the average size of occupant to determine whether you need to make certain adjustments with the project details.

Woodwork Projects for Planter Boxes – This particular woodwork project is as easy or even easier than building a table because all you have to do is make a box where you can segregate plants that need an independent place to grow for whatever reason.

Although it would improve your skills if you exert effort in sticking to the intended scale for the planter box, you don’t have to beat yourself up if you still end up with the wrong dimensions. All you have to do is adjust the number of plants that will be occupying the planter box, and voila! It’s still usable!

Besides acquiring new skills and techniques in woodwork, these projects will also teach you the most critical lesson in the field, and that’s the need for patient effort. Good luck working on those woodwork projects!


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