Impossible nail-through-wood trick.

Hardwood This often comes from trees such as cherry, elm, oak (English, imported, Japanese), lime, rosewood, walnut, teak, mahogany, cherry, ash and beech. Hardwood is strong and durable. It may be more expensive than others (particularly softwood) because it has a longer life span. It is used for making furniture. 

Aside from the obvious uses of saws and hammers, you'll also need to learn to use things like planes for smoothening the surface of wood, wood files and rasps for shaping and rounding edges, and the use of protective varnishes and wood glues for sealing and coating wood surfaces. Basic woodworking courses usually also teach the different types of hardwood that are often used for woodworking. 

If you have opinions, you better back it up with reason. If you have questions, it is helpful for other members who are willing to help you that you support your questions with enough details. And if you have opinions that you want to say, always remember to be tactful and respectful. Check whether your concerns have already been posted. 

It also requires some skills and dedication to be able to finish one project out of a simple wood material. At the same time, this endeavor will be able to bring out some good in you. It can make you a more productive person. Nothing compares to the feeling of being able to see a product that you made become beneficial to the household. 

1) Plan Your Cut Although muscles can twist metals, the brain is still more powerful than any bicep. So before cutting or doing any movement in your workshop remember to use your most powerful tool your brain. By calculating your every move in your brain before acting you can avoid cutting your fingers or wasting wood. 

Woodworking is a craft. As such, it requires more than just materials and labor. The whole project will require some considerable amount effort, dedication and skills on the part of the person doing the woodwork. Furthermore, this woodwork is not the typical commercial item that you see in the market that is mass-produced.