Yoga By Equinox

This is done by lying flat on the stomach with the hands on the shoulders. Lift your arms up and push your pelvis down. Your back should form an arch and try to focus your eyes as if they re part of the arch. Like with other Yoga poses, you would have to keep the shoulders down. At first, you might find it difficult to perfectly align your whole body, not to mention painful at times. 

The Nada Chair- as opposed to its name, it is not actually a chair! It is an adjustable sling that is used to align the spine when seated. This then alleviates pain in the lower back and hips. The Blocks- these provide support and safety when doing poses. They help stretch your hands, heels, and even hips. 

Once the Hathayoga has been mastered the person can proceed to respiratory domination or breathing mastery. When the person has gone as far as having mastery over his breathing then he can proceed to pratyahara or a technique which maximizes his power to relax and to visualize things until he becomes a master of meditation. 

The retreat gives you an adventure with the nature. Most retreat centers are located in a place with abundant trees so that people may get in touch again with the nature. The nature is peaceful to look at that is why all yoga retreat centers have this kind of theme. It rejuvenates your whole body because you feel relaxed. 

Since your studio will be a form of economic income also, it needs to be zoned properly or else your soon to be opened yoga studio ay not even declare its opening due to shutdown notice. Hire someone who will do this for you unless you are general inspector yourself. The reason behind this is that most land lords do not even care to do all their obligations properly. 

Each class should begin with an introductory phase wherein the students will have the time to forget all their problems and stressors for a while and focus on the yoga practice. This is to help relax and connect their mind and body. After connecting your students with their mind and spirit, the warm up phase can now be started.