Yoganidrasana, Both Legs Behind the Head in Ashtanga Yoga with Kino MacGregor

Unknown to many people who are not well versed on the goings on of Yoga, the various types of Yoga is intended for specific reasons. This was the thrust of Krishnamacharya who made sure that the yoga he was teaching specifically conformed or responded to the needs of the students or the disciples. This is especially true for Ashtanga Yoga which was established by Krishnamacharya for young boys who used to live in the grounds of the place owned by the Maharaja of Mysore. 

The Indus-Saravasti in Northern India was the first to mention ‘yoga’ in Rig Veda (holy texts). These texts were not solely used for religious teachings but also for keeping records of rituals and songs by Brahmans or priests. These were termed as the Upanishads (the root word being ‘upa’ which means near, ‘ni’ which means down and ‘shad’ meaning to sit), mainly described as a form of discipline which unites these six ‘aphorisms’: control of breathing or ‘pranayama’ meditation or ‘dhyana’, inhibition of the senses or ‘pratyahara’, examination or ‘tarka’, concentration or ‘dharana’, and ecstasy or ‘samadhi. 

It gives the surfer an opportunity to browse the different types of poses, their therapeutic benefits and contraindications. One could do a simple or advanced search on the following: Plank pose, Downward-Facing dog, Handstand, Half Moon, Bound Angle, Crane, Cobra, Fish, Lord of the Dance, Lotus, Full Boat, Gate, Hero, Tree, Featheared Peacock, Supported Headstand, Noose, Locust, etc. 

Hatha Yoga makes use of Yama or moral control, the Asanas or the poses, Pranayama, Niyama, specific exercises known as Mudra which aims to improve the breathing technique and Nadanusandhana. All the six limbs work together to help the practitioner achieve a higher level of Kundalini or concentration and meditation. 

A person who practices Kundalini Yoga can expect to be more at peace with himself and with his surroundings. He can expect to have an increased energy level and an increase coping mechanism against mental and physical stress. By bringing out the energies trapped within the body and mind, the Kundalini Yoga disciple will be able to achieve an inner peace and a higher level of existence never before experienced in his life. 

A person who does yoga will have more ability to accept his actualities in life. One type of yoga that has caught the interest of some people is Bikram yoga or what they refer to as hot yoga. Bikram yoga is literally a hot yoga because the poses are performed or executed in a room that has been well-heated.