Alphabetical List of Towns & Cities in AW
all towns & cities in this list are on AW (alphaworld)

  1. ActiveCity by David 14 3044.3N 3881.8W
  2. Activecity by Boaz 6817N 6465W (AlphaCity by Boaz next to Activecity)
  3. Activeville by Dennis13 6580N 2850E (looks like this one has been deleted)
  4. AFantasy in AW by Sexy Eyes 19000.00N 5000.00W 0.05a
  5. AlphaMillennia City by Millennium Man & Alpha Centuari 8575.8S 18511.25W 0.04a
  6. Alphasville by HomerSimpson 8000s 16000e
  7. Alpine City (was listed somewhere as Hamsterville) by Lap Bander ? 5029N 500E
  8. Alua Bay by Ryan 17586.9n 17578.4w 0.5a
  9. Amitiť Ville by cyberwitch 17000s 17000w
  10. Angel Falls by nike 1927n 1771e
  11. Anime Pics by Kawaii Pikachu & DTM 9002.6N 1999.3E 0.0a 180
  12. Athens by Trekker & PepponiX 19000s 100e
  13. Avon Lake City by Ryan24 6700S 649.9W
  14. Bass Haven by FishinHook aw 3020N 74E .01a 180
  15. Bayshore 3835n 27559e .4a 160
  16. BeeTown by MrBee 25000s 10000w
  17. Betaville by Viper 5n 2570e 0.1a
  18. bigTown by bigT 1478.8N 2579.6W 0.0a 97
  19. Birdie Town by Hollie, Sable & The Sun Spirit 2006N 1149W
  20. Blade Town by Brody 12004.2S 12990.6W 90
  21. Blade Town by joukki 11999.4S 13000.6W 0.1a 180
  22. BLade's Town by BLade. 6597.4N 5641.2E 0.0a 10
  23. Blaze Town by MrBee 20497.0N 9995.0W 0.4a 316
  24. Bleakwood by Kuma Bear AW 16019n 26947w 1a (16037.9n 26935w 180)
  25. Blue Devil City by gold.z 2750.27N 91.80W 0.00a 20
  26. Bracha by Rooooo 224N 3445W
  27. Brunswick 24940.7n 2006.9w 270
  28. Burressville by Enigma1 7469N 26W 180
  29. Candalyn by BB 1 29497.0N 29083W 0.1a 50
  30. CandyLand by SweetCandy4u 1932.56S 12047.02W -0.01a 196
  31. Capital City by Mr. President 22500N 22500E
  32. Castle Realm by o Saer 2038n 5069w
  33. Catara by Ardenn 539s 1515.5w 0.01a 180
  34. Cedar Town by Mudflap123 5049N 422E
  35. Channelwood by Jeff Raven 22439.2N 12123.0W 0.5a 90
  36. City in the Sky by Sspitfire 1369.5S 1405.8E 9.5a 210
  37. Ciudad Imperial by MPO 12320n 5730w
  38. CM City by Crazy Matt & AW Explorer 10207.0N 10158.0E 0.1a
  39. Coconut Beach by Beauty aka Beast 24680n 24680e 0.3a
  40. CoolZville by SgtFox & Andria 2002N 2335W
  41. Constantine City by Mike 3250n 4000w
  42. Crazy trekkiea by trekker & CrazyTiger3 13325.5S 13366.9E 0.0a
  43. Crystal City by build is from 1996 aw 1306n 30w 270 (some objects created by Cold Beer in 1995)
  44. Cybervilla by Cyberwitch 7019.9S 7069.6W
  45. Cyder Creek by NitinA 1200S 12000E
  46. Cypress Creek by Shorty 5000n 18000e
  47. Darkside by Dark 498.2N 809.6W 10
  48. DashTown by Berdasha 31614.8S 26149.2E 1.2a
  49. DeadCity (Center of Cory-Taun Town) 3848.07N 27632.39E 0.51a 272 - near Desert Town
  50. Desert City by Newjundiaius 5810.81N 5467.31E 0.00a 359
  51. Desert Town 3810n 27655e 3.2a 90
  52. Diamond Ridge by fLiRt 3976.4N 676.8W 0.2a
  53. Dieter's Theme Park by Dieter 1062.9S 6786.0W 0.1a 272
  54. Dragonhome Mayor: Phazed 2323s 9998.6w
  55. DreamScape City by Tark e 3869n 10000w
  56. DrifterVille by Eternal Drifter 5650n 574w
  57. Eddy Murphy Town by Lalena 6053.18N 6161.64E 0.00a 358
  58. Elyptic Palms by TuRpEnTiNe o 5443n 1223e
  59. Emmyville by Emylou 8870.36N 7776.97E 0.02a 340
  60. Encino County by AmericasNiceGuy 1102S 1097W (Two Towns now - Encino and Ventura Counties is on the 1112w coord, New Encino County Hub is 1109s 1131w; New Ventura County Hub is 1090s 1048w; Builder = Nassau Racer)
  61. Eternicity by DarkMatter 14086.88N 14148.31E 0.30a 93
  62. Fancy Farm by Legion aw 15187N 25400W
  63. Fantasia City by The Courier 5837.77N 5545.40E 0.01a 126
  64. Fantasy City by Kite 4332.2S 3999.2E 7.0a 360
  65. Fantazia by Soul Reaver 6032.6N 6308.2E 0.0a 90
  66. Fenix City by Jimbo Jones aw 12539.38S 29366.89W -0.02a 178 (Teleport Center 12559S 29371W 180)
  67. Floripa Village 12553.2n 12244.4e 180
  68. Forest Village 3786.3n 27707.9e 4.5a 180
  69. FP by Elite Trooper 8994n 5159e
  70. Freedom City by Nawook 2200n 22200w 90
  71. Freedom City2 by ______ 2000S 2400W 0.01a 25 (coords are for my house)
  72. Fun Pack by PurrzPetzMommy 3461.2S 2335.1W 90
  73. FutureCity by DarkTemplar 14250.9N 14250.3W 0.2a
  74. Gaffoli City by Lightningman 11000N 599.2E 0.1a 270
  75. Gainsville by Shorty 9000s 14000e
  76. Gaya City by botumba 8888N 2221W 265
  77. German AW by Loctite 3490s 5380e
  78. GooberTown by GooberKing 71.3s 3740.9w
  79. Graceland Palaces by AGuyInEwa 1700s 1600w
  80. Greenville by Kenneth 6918S 7107.5W 0.0a (museum domes - 11910.73S 2016.31W 0.00a 358)
  81. Greenwood Acres by Bryan Weston 3454.2s 11127.3w 180
  82. GreggLand by GreggBrain 1226.3N 2441.5E 0.1a 90 - moved to 3844N 4907W 1a
  83. GRENADA SPRINGS by fishinhook aw 28950s 29650w
  84. Hanuville by Zathor 1864.84N 1880.52W 0.01a 146
  85. Happy Valley by TenYearsGone aw 1626.146s 3251.043e 0.2a 0
  86. Hard Driven's Town by um, Hard Driven ? 8958S 8818W
  87. Hawk's Nest by Elana 6792n 3821e
  88. Henderson by Legolas 8046.5n 8347.6w 270
  89. Hicks Town by hicks8 aw 0n 2878w
  90. Hidden Knights by SammyShowDogs 211.5N 7681.0E 0.0a 90
  91. Hill City (a.k.a. Hillsville City or Hills City - depends which sign you are looking at) by FunCamper 28388.7n 2357.3w 1.3a
  92. Holby City by J o s h - coords sent me back to the sign for this one in Lara's Sign Yard of Towns (1212n 1072w 180)
  93. Horizon City by sirQus 7000S 14000E
  94. Hyrule City by fbituner 12993.6N 27999.2W 0.0a 270
  95. Inspiron City - no info yet
  96. JoAnn Town by SueAnn 100s 20000w
  97. Junction City by Good Person 1068.81S 2740.39W 0.36a 107
  98. KAH Town by KAH 2222s 2143e 90
  99. Kalaville by Missus 11550.6N 11538.1W 80
  100. Katana Town by Baron von Shrike & Princess Alexandra 32730N 796E
  101. Kean Town by Bryan iMi & SpIkE 120N 1500E
  102. Keyzz Tower City by Keyzz & Rayann 394n 6101e 0.01a 180
  103. Lake City 3845n 27591e .4a 250
  104. Lapis Viridia by Blue Green Gem 1673.35N 1385.80W 0.00a 39
  105. LegenD by Agent Neo & PhyrenShadowstar 18668N 19333E
  106. Little Creek Town by Nate007 5404.4N 623.8W 0.0a 95 (not much built)
  107. Lock Haven by TX Thomas aw 8000s 7997e 1a 305
  108. Lost Islands 12530.7s 29240.7w 1a 172
  109. Lost Kingdom by Steve Higgs 5009.0N 3833.0E 0.0a 358
  110. Lundel by Zosha 4520.9N 4251.2W 0.0a
  111. Magedom by Ardenn 515.3S 1517.5W 0.1a (East Magedom)
  112. Magnolia Valley by Danniowl 6492.8N 5590.6W 0.6a 270
  113. Marble Springs by Christay 12020N 2022E 270
  114. Marc's Land by Marc IMI 32624N 32503W
  115. Maze Area by Mr. Brain 3209.8N 2037.0E 0.0a 180
  116. Mega City by B L A D E 838n 3757e 25.0a Sign says Dozer and objects say they were built by KittenH
  117. MetroPlex by infested 5700n 122w
  118. MichaelVille by Shadow Dancer 4550n 1000w
  119. Midgar City by Bamfer14 & Separoth 13535n 2419w
  120. Midgar II by Cloud99 1197s 930W
  121. Mountain Village/Mountain Resort AW 3861n 27585e 0.4a 30/AW 3896n 27673e 180
  122. Nazus by Suzan24 24624.7n 24530w 180
  123. Necropols by N E C R O (across the street from Walden) 3.2s 16499.3e 0 look North
  124. Neverwhere Mayor: Blue Green Gem 5181.8n 13822.8e
  125. New Greggland by GreggBrain 3844N 4907W 1a
  126. New Romance 24940.9n 3999.6w 270
  127. New Zandaria by Zandargo aw 9994S 8429W
  128. Nexxus City by Artillo 284.3S 5014.5W 0.4a
  129. Nistia City by Zeke 2000S 12000W
  130. Noctrin City by NelXaga aw 240.60N 2845.03W
  131. North City by Robbie Lewis 3290.7N 885.0E 0.0a 300
  132. North Hicks Town by hicks8 391.68N 2860.87W 0.79a 318
  133. North Shore by Oracle 15005N 56W
  134. NorthBrooke by Brooke99 2699.9S 900.8W 0.0a 180
  135. Northton by Bach Zhaa
  136. Nornonton by Nornny 31310.7n 18.5e 0.1a 10
  137. Nottsville by Stonecoldfletch 27000.0N 13000.0W 1.4a 174
  138. Nutsville by cyber witch ? 1s 9510w
  139. Oak Valley by Legion aw 6675N 6840W
  140. Oakwood by Legion aw 15216N 25400W
  141. Oasis by Rynhorn aw 30575.8N 30299.7W 0.0a 274
  142. Oboeville by Oboe 5024N 186W
  143. Obstacle City 2500n 1500w
  144. Off World by dreamer2, Redoubt, tunablues & Lensman AW 31554n 31554e 0.01a 180
  145. Oologah by OK Sue 11895.8N 11907.9E 0.0a 180
  146. Paradigm by P3DC 6400s 13000e
  147. Paradise by Douglas 2697n 7533w
  148. Paradise City by Tensor 3150N 195W
  149. Paradise Shores by Cyberspace Dave 32001n 19w
  150. Paradise Valley by Poseidon 1601.2s 3126.8e
  151. Peace Out! by LaVaLaMp o & CC A s h l i 25 3548S 245E
  152. Peaceful Pines by TennGirl 17231.6S 16945.1W 0.0a 360
  153. Peaceful Valley by Legion aw 7313.07N 500.48W 0.00a 3
  154. Peaceville by Kuja aw 17799.7N 14500.0W
  155. Peaceville by Legion aw 6723N 6692W 0.01a 130
  156. PEER TOWN by Peer 8157.6N 10119.9W
  157. PeTripoli by Petri 5287n 571w
  158. PhaZaria by PhaZar 9591n 7868e
  159. Philvill by RaTz 17.5n 3057w
  160. Phin County GZ by hicks8 aw 251N 2874W 0.09a
  161. Pierce City by SirMildredPierce 3813.2N 7348.0W 3.0a 164
  162. Pine Woods by Charleigh & Peer 12700n 800w
  163. Pink Village by 2222.18S 2222.20E 0.00a 225
  164. Pippinville by Lady Pippin 1951.9S 2568.1E 0.0a 264
  165. Plummer Town by plummer guy 15321s 15321e
  166. Prospect Park by Yooper 9470n 2570w
  167. Psy City 2270s 1932e
  168. Pueblo Town by Mrs. Abdel 16930N 16987W
  169. Pyramid City by BusyLion 31989.99N 32160.00W 0.01a 357
  170. Pyron City by N e c r o 0N 15500E 0.1a 180
  171. QB Town by Chris2 1138.3N 147.1W 0.0a 90
  172. QUE by klikker & S}{E 1200s 600e
  173. Quietwood by WilliamR 1024s 5101e
  174. R Town by Riff 2159.6N 1535.9W
  175. Radiance by Duskbat 30628.87N 665.88E 0.04a 91
  176. Rising Glen Hyper Anthony 2643.47S 4168.97E 4.56a 271
  177. River Estates by color 2370.1N 2361.1E 0.4a 222
  178. RiverView Glen by Ruggy 22115s 11225e
  179. Rockford by Legion AW 15000n 25000w 1a 45
  180. Rocky Bluffs by dougdrums 7223.0N 929.0W
  181. Rosewood by Rose 100s 1050e
  182. RugsterBurg by Ruggy 25250N 25250E (looks like this one turned into a Christmas Area by AllStarBuilder01)
  183. Sapphire Estates by Absolute Monarch 18000s 16000w
  184. Saroxis by Etheral Knight 1295.51S 9969.91W 10.00a
  185. Scottish Highlands Mayor: Sticks 3766n 27655e 3.2a 180
  186. Sea Haven by BethJanet 9977.02N 8204.85W 0.05a 84
  187. Seaguy City by Seaguy 2123.62S 2000.14W 0.35a 140
  188. Seaguy City II by Seaguy 300S 1400W
  189. Seaside AW 3834.5n 27583e .4a 180
  190. Seattle Washington by Captain Pilot 5402.6N 559.1W 0.0a 90
  191. Shadaville by Animal Carnival 20026s 6892.5w
  192. Shadoton by SK Guard Shadow & DawnnieBoFawnnie 3323N 6402E
  193. ShadowFalls by SweetSuzie, DreamStars & AngeLsLuv 975.0N 9290.3W
  194. ShadowTown by Shadow13 1313s 13e
  195. Shawn's Snowboard Village by Shawn Micheals 9070n 9030e
  196. Sherwood by SkyZack 24905.4n 4909.5w
  197. Sherwood by digigardener aw 105.4N 188.8E 180
  198. Shoez City by Shoez
  199. Shortopia Village GZ aw 10011.23N 1559.54W 1.26a 207
  200. SkyCity by DanielW 3426.1S 2357.3W 30.8a 180
  201. Skylark Estates by LindaGarrett 2.2N 6194.9E 0.0a 350
  202. Small Gold by King Small Guy aw 32221.62N 32179.30W 0.01a 273
  203. Soap Town by Soaper aw 1093.28N 3299.24W 0.00a 333
  204. Solace by Caramon 3702.5N 274.8E 0.1a 170
  205. Southville by Dthkinght 3049.4S 58.9E 0.0a 270
  206. Spoodle 6995s 13486e 180
  207. Spring Valley by Staria
  208. Spring Valley by Vanessa
  209. SpringVille by GeneStealer 8500S 9000W 130
  210. St. Louis by Stephen B 11998N 4001E .14a
  211. Stansville by Shorty 6748.87S 13708.86E 0.12a 288
  212. Star City by Dovestar 9234.89S 1488.83E 0.04a 7
  213. Star Town by Star Light 29000.4S 999.0E 0.3a 300
  214. Strawberry by Witle Devil 582s 19985e
  215. Suburbia by Utah 1626.82N 2399.96W 0.04a
  216. Summerland Estates by Onesummer 966.7S 5189.9E 0.1a 270 - info center 949.14S 5212.96E 0.02a 341
  217. Summoner Town by Sunder or Sunder2 4653.00N 8844.05E 0.00a 41
  218. Sunshinetown Mayor: KAH 9876n 3456w
  219. SunSide by Nathan Keogh aw 19875.2N 18450.9W 10.4a 71
  220. SunValley by bigT 18000n 16000w
  221. SW City by SW Comit & Syntax 2217.4s 3609.8e
  222. Tallman Heights by tallman aw 219.63N 2884.34W 0.50a 270
  223. Tasperity Falls by tasperity 5211N 50W
  224. Taurine Township by build is from 1995 aw 8000n 8000w 4.2a
  225. TDCity by add The Derek AW 2800n 10000w
  226. Teleport City by Calla Li and dudes 5146.2s 99e 90
  227. Telrain by Second Sight 9994.52N 1559.37W 0.90a 181 (South of Shortopia Village)
  228. Terix by Steve Higgs 3276.0N 6430.0E 0.0a 360
  229. The Black Mesa by Sheperd 29999.6S 561.0W 0.0a 334 (nothing there)
  230. The Blue Apple by Derick 12437n 10795w (not much there)
  231. The City of Charlotte by CB84 3963.02n 10000e
  232. The Old Man and the Sea by Infamous Writer 7559.5S 7560.6W 0.0a 40
  233. Thule by Donor 6095n 2973w
  234. TigerPaw City by TigerPaw aw 0n 29250e
  235. Tiki Island by Robbie Lewis 9000n 100w
  236. Toronto by Lt. Alex Munro 9898n 8787w
  237. Tri City by Suzan25 25209.48N 24490.30W 0.00a 0
  238. Tricity by Vips, Suzan24, BB 1 25209.48N 24490.30W
  239. Tristam by JSD2K 1956s 11995w
  240. Tucson by Swat Leader 6028n 6239e
  241. Twisscity by twissy3000 79.7S 2949.9W 0.0a 80
  242. Underground City AW 3858n 27587e .4a 250
  243. UnIqE by VJOHNV & Corporal Shepard 15000.6N 894.5E 0.0a
  244. Ursine City by Kuma Bear 999S 2803.6W .2a
  245. Valley Meadows by tai mai bean & dr. duke 3410.9N 23998.9W 0.4a 33
  246. Venus Valley by Sexyflafreak 2939N 587W
  247. Vicktoria City by Robocop aw 10001n 10000e 4a 180 (nice but no info signs)
  248. Walden by Raekwon (a.k.a. Rae) 3.2s 16499.3e 180
  249. Water World by Too Big 3791.4n 27671e 3.2a 270
  250. Westminister by SkyZack 24941.5n 7.7w 90
  251. White Tiger Estates by White Tiger 20062.91N 10029.84W 0.02a
  252. Willow Falls by Myrth 70.63S 3237.33E 2.50a 0
  253. Woodhall Road by Dodgy 1702.48S 3412.74W -0.01a 278
  254. X-city by Vips 25265.53N 25074.03W 0.00a 118
  255. X Generation City by CoolDrake 16552n 4576w (not much there)
  256. XION by klikker & S}{E 12600n 6200w
  257. XpoketownX by Xtreme200 1214N 1074W
  258. Yeti's City by Yeti 9043.0N 7191.0E 0.1a 0
  259. YooperVille by Yooper 413.0N 979.7E 0.1a 39
  260. Yosemiteville by Yuuzar 5999.8s 13499.8e
  261. YoshiVille by Ice Dogg 9001s 18000w
  262. Zelena by Baro aw 1347.57S 4777.34E 0.24a 331